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Places To Eat in Lucknow

Everything is changing with the time in this real world. But a city which remains its heritage, culture, value, lifestyle and tastes of the traditional famous foods with the moment in time, even becomes more popular with passage the time. Lucknow, some of the best historical places in India, and becomes well-liked when it comes as best eating out places in India.

So this time, I am going through some of the best foods and most famous food joints of Lucknow what/where you can eat/taste there. However, Lucknow city is fully packed with lot of famous restaurants located in top class hotels and posh areas. Still I’ll share here top traditional, most demanded and mainly famous food places which searches everyday on web whenever anyone planning to visit Lucknow and look for these must go food corner and restaurants of this historical city. Just check it out-

Eating Out in Lucknow : Restaurants, Foods & Places

Tunday Kababi


There is no doubt Tunday Kababi offers India’s best Kabab for foodies. Tunday Kababi is the landmark of the best eating joints in Lucknow which is famous for its delicious peppery Kabab-Parathas. And the best thing about Tunday Kababi is that it offers excellent quality of foods in low to average budget. However, there are two branches of Tunday Kababi in Lucknow, one is located in Nazirabad near Aminabad, and second is located near Akbari Gate, Chowk. But don’t be confused here; Chowk is the old and mainly famous joint of Tunday Kababi. But it only offers Kabab-Paratha, no other dishes. But taste this recipe at-least once, I bet you will not tasted this kind of delicious Kabab Parathas across India.  :-)

Delicious non veg foods are the specialty of Lucknow, so if you want to taste additional famous non-veg dishes of Lucknow city, visit Tunday Kababi Nazirabad. It offers all types of non-veg foods. Both places are most famous restaurants in Lucknow for eating out till late night. So if you are planning to visit most famous tourist places in Lucknow, don’t forget to visit Tunday Kababi. It is the hub of eating outs in Lucknow.

They also have a branch in Gomti Nagar, but I haven’t get chance to visit there. So I am not sharing here any experience for Tunday Kababi Gomti Nagar for this time  :-)

Address: Near Akbari Gate, Chowk, Lucknow

Address: Naaz Cinema Road, Nazirabad near Aminabad, Lucknow

Idris Biryani


If you want to taste the real flavor of Biryani, then you’re at the right place. I think no need to discuss about the specialty of this food joint, but those who do not aware with this prominent eating outlet, Idris Biryani is one of the most famous food places in Lucknow to eat mutton biriyani. But do not over expect about the accommodation of this biriyani shop, it looks like a typical road side Dhaba, but wait a minute; this food joint is going to serve you one of the best biriyani platter of Awadh. So forget about the class and quality of customer service for some time if you are a foodie, just order a plate and experience the unique taste of this most favorite dish offers by Lucknow city.

Address: Patanala near Chowk, Lucknow



However, there are numbers of Dastarkhwan named restaurant in Lucknow; some at street side and sometime at good locations, but one (Dastarkhwan Hazratganj) I will definitely recommended to all. This is my all time favorite place to eat in Lucknow with my friends and family. I had tried almost all Dastarkhwan outlets in Lucknow, but what I really liked about this branch it offers best of best Mughlai non-veg foods of Lucknow with very very large menu of chicken and mutton items. I haven’t seen such a huge menu in any famous non-veg restaurants even in Delhi.

But it is not heaven for Mughlai food lovers only; they also have a huge range of veg items too. So it doesn’t matter you are addicted to what type of north Indian food, Dastarkhwan serves you all  :-)

Address: U. P. Press Club, Near China Bazaar Gate, Hazratganj

Royal Cafe


Royal Cafe, one of the most famous, finest and best family restaurants in Lucknow which serves veg and non-veg both types of famous Lucknow foods that is worth to money, located in heart of the city Hazratganj. Great location, excellent accommodation, superior quality, tremendous customer experience, and decent crowd are the unique identity of this popular restaurant. Now Royal Cafe has become the first choice among youngster in Lucknow as situated in the top shopping market. However, Royal Cafe offers full dining options for foodies in Lucknow, but there are some must eat mouth watering and super tasty recipes which you should definitely eat whenever you get a chance to visit Hazratganj. And these food items are basket chat (tokri chaat) :-), aloo tikki, paani puri, golgappas, biriyani and non veg kabab. So try some of them and don’t forget to post your comment or feedback about this best restaurant once you visit there.

Address: 9/7, Shahnazaf Rd, Opposite Saharaganj Mall, Lucknow

Prakash Kulfi

Again a most popular food place in Lucknow, located in Aminabad and very close to a most famous non-veg restaurant Tunday Kababi. Prakash Kulfi is one of the best places to eat desserts in Lucknow and must try eating joint after eating Kabab Parathas at Tunday. However, cool faluda kulfi is the main desert of Prakash Kulfi corner, but it also has some delicious creamy and fruit kulfi which explores the traditional taste of the city of Nawabs. So if you are visiting Aminabad for shopping or eating out, try a bowl of sweet creamy faluda kulfi. I bet you will forget all prior experience of delicious dessert. They also offer packing facility, so if you don’t have much time to eat at this food corner, you can also order for pack your favorite kulfi. But don’t miss it!  :-)

Address: 12/13, Fruit Lane, Aminabad, Lucknow

Pandit Raja Thandai


However, Thandai is the most favourite drink in Holi festival. But peoples (foodies) in Lucknow enjoy this drink throughout the year. Raja Thandai is the oldest and most famous Thandai shop in Chowk Lucknow. Basically, Thandai is a sweet drink that is made with the mixture of milk, saffron, kaju, almond (badam), pistachio (pista), cardamom (elaichi) and some secret masala powers which offers a strong flavoured taste in drink, and makes it good alternate of cold soda in hot day. This place is also the evidence of very famous and respected peoples who enjoyed this drink till date e.g. Pandit Nehru, Atal Bihari Bajpai, Dilip Kumar and more. So it is also a must try experience in Lucknow.

Address: 10 A, Kasturba Market, Chowk

Sri Lassi Corner

Sri Lassi Corner, again a top famous eating joint of Chowk Lucknow which is very close to the main shop of Tunday Kababi Chowk. As the name seems ‘Sri Lassi Corner’, it offers verities of Lassi (local north Indian drink mixture of sugar, milk & curd). But wait a second!!! It has something more to serve you. Sri Lassi Corner is mainly famous for its spicy, delicious, mouth-watering and finger licking Chole Bhature. It is best places to eating out in Lucknow till late night (11 PM). The specialty of Sri Lassi Corner is that it serves non-oily Bhature with black Chole which you wouldn’t see usually even at a very good restaurant. So also add this joint in your list of famous eating areas in Lucknow, I hope you will not be disappointed.

Address: Kamla Nehru Marg, Near Bata Shoe Company, Chowk

Chappan Bhog

Without doubt, Chappan Bhog is the best place to eat and pack dessert/sweet in entire Lucknow region. Chappan Bhog is famous for its quality, taste, service and experience. It is very difficult for me to describe in words about the unmatched & unforgettable taste offer by this best eating center of Lucknow. It doesn’t matter you’re in Lucknow or too far. You can place your favorite order online on their official website, and the best thing is shipping is free anywhere in India J so if you’re now going to place your order online, must demand ‘ Motichoor ke ladoo’. It is the top order of Chappan Bhog.

Address: Apna Bazaar, Sadar Bazaar, Lucknow

Radhey Lal Parampara

There is no doubt Chowk and Hazratganj are must go places in Lucknow for eating out. Radhey Lal Parampara, located in Ganj & Chowk both, again a most popular eating out joint of this historical city which offers best quality desserts, snacks, fast food, street food and namkeen. It is well-known brand name in Lucknow which is blended with some unique recipes (like Mawa Jalebi) which deliver rich experience of years.

Address: Gole Darwaza, Chowk

Address: 3, Sapru Marg, Opposite Udyaan Bhawan, Hazratganj

What to Eat in Lucknow

However, it isn’t easier for me to cover each famous and popular street foods of Lucknow in this food blog. But I can guide you in brief what shouldn’t miss whenever you are travelling in Lucknow for search best eating out and places. Try these too-

  • Kakori kabab
  • Gulabi chai (pink tea) [Visit Nakhas market at night for taste it.]
  • Sheermal
  • Andrasay
  • Mawa ladoo [Haji sweet shop, Nadan mahal road]

Apart from this, you can also visit any 5 star hotel in Lucknow to taste delicious cuisine at some expensive restaurants of the Lucknow city..

So, it’s done now. If you find this Lucknow food guide engaging and informative, please share this post with your family and friends too!  :-)

Thanks, and keep visiting Formertourist.com  :-)

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  1. I am a thorough foodie and keep looking out for amazing food options in different locations of India. I really appreciate your initiative of sharing pictures and information regarding places to eat in Lucknow. Thanks for the fabulous piece of information.

    • Gaurav Kumar Srivastava

      @Savar: I have few more food blogs for real foodies like you. You can also check these posts in “Places To Eat” section in same blog.


  2. This was wonderfully written! Informative, to the point and mouth watering!! haha! looking forward to my Lucknow trip even more now!

  3. siddhartha mukherji

    Dear Gaurav [addressing you with the first name, as I am 64 years old],

    me and my wife are planning to visit LKO next winter JUST TO EAT Lucknowee food. We may be there for 3 days.

    We are non-vegetarians.

    We have heard about Tundey and Idris, will make it a point to visit these. Other than these [and avoiding famous brand names] are there any great food joints. You know the type! Places which are known to the locals. Maybe they are not posh. Maybe one has to stand up and eat. Maybe they are not very good in ambiance. But they have some specialty items. Such places.

    Can you advice?


    Siddhartha Mukherji

    • Firstly, thank you Sir. It’s really an honor to me if you found my blog little bit informative or worth. You’re more-n-more senior to me, so you can directly call me Gaurav. And I also liked your spirit as you’re asking the query very openly. Let me come to this-

      I’m bit agree with all what you said above. Of course, the places which I listed above are not excellence if you compare these food points with any five star accommodation, but I must say these places truly worth and totally safe to visit, as located in posh/busy areas. So if you think there is any security related concern, forget about that. Believe me, I’ve visited all these eating out many times but I didn’t face a single concern over there. So, just come with good health and eat & enjoy as much as possible.

      However, you can also visit Tunday Kababi, Aminabad(Nazirabad) if you do not okay with Chowk location. And the best think about Tunday Aminabad, they offer uncountable non-veg items which bring the real flavor of Lucknow foods in every platter.

      If you have further queries, please revert me here. I shall be glad to hear you.


    • Mohit Srivastava

      Hello .. I m a big foodie and offcourse I m from lucknow.. I love trying different food at different places.. I would also like to add few more places for you sir.. You can try rahims kulche nahari in chawk area .. Thr are 2 rahims in chowk nearby to each other.. I m not sure if they both are same but both are good. I usually visit the one on main road that is the one on chaupatiya road. You should try it and dont forget to try pasinda. Its delicious.. I dont find its discription on any website. But should try. Other one is lalla biryani. Its around 2km straight from rahim. I m sure u ll love it. The mutton is soft and wonderful.. Other places are ratti k khaste at latouche road, sharma ki chai and butter bun, idris biryani, if you could afford to pay se more thn visit peeli kothi. It was the place where ghalib used to live… Bhajpayee ki kachori.. Etc etc

      • Right Mohit. Bajpai ki puri is also very delicious and famous for breakfast in Rakapganj Lucknow. But in my experience, Ram Swaroop puriwala (near Jubli College, LKO City Station ) is even better than the taste of Bajpai’s Puri. And especially their Khasta Kachori is awwwwwesome ☺

  4. Hi Gaurav. Ram Swaroop (made famous by students of Jublee college) is good but there are more places in lucknow to have great puri sabzi. First is Netram halwai and second is a shop on the road from Dr. Jain clinic chowraha going towards Cantt on the left hand side where the over-bridge start on the road. I am unable to rememberer its name, but it serves great puri sabzi.

    Also do try Nahari Kulchay at Rahim in lucknow opposite to Tunday’s shop in Chowk. Best Nahri Kulchay compared to any where i had them. They have also started serving various types of Kabas . They also have vegetarian dish (only one on their menu) Besan ki roti with garlic chutney ,a must try. At the second Rahim near Akbari gate try Roasted chicken and biryani.

    In Chowk near Gol Darwaza “Makhan Malai” is also sold. Earlier it used be available in winters only but now its available through out the year but tastes best in winters.

    At the back gate of police station of Aminabad , near Gol Darwaza their is a small stall which sell 15 kinds of gol gappay/Pani Puri, only shop of its kind i am aware of.

    These are just some of the great eating points in lucknow. Their are many more but this is not the appropriate place to write about all of them.

    Do try the lalla biryani and other places mentioned by Mohit in the earlier post they are great.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Dear Rahul, I can bet you’re a true foodie 🙂 I’ve spent more than 20 years in Lucknow and I’ve visited all these food joint whatever you suggested.

      Your researched, experience, and time for post commenting on this topic is really really admirable!! You know my college (Christian College) was (is) nearby City station/Jubli college, so you can guess how many time I have been there for puri-subzi and khasta kachori. That place is absolutely incomparable and unbeatable. And who can forget that yummy yellow well decorated butter and classy milk in winter season!…really missing here in Gurgaon 🙁

      BTW, have you tasted Jagdish Chat in Chowk? Try that, it is also one of the famous landmark among chat lovers in Lucknow.

      Still I am missing few other popular food joints and restaurants, but Rahul it is very hard task to pick each and every Lucknow famous eating outs in this post, because eating out and foods are the specialty of the Lucknow City and one cannot simply pack all the fruits in one basket.

      Thanks for your extraordinary efforts for writing so long on this post. Your suggestion will help a lot food lovers…Cheers!!

  5. Rahim’s nahari kulcha are awesome but you should try nahari kulcha from idris, it is the best. I have taken the same dish from mubeens, new Rahim’s, and even from Rahim’s too, but the best I had was from idris!

    *it seems idris provide nahari kulcha only during roza times.

  6. Hi gaurav. While doing some online research on Google for the best street food in LKO, I found your blog. It is really convenient to follow. However I am not sure weather you can help me of not, but I am planning a Aapke k lko se – its a food festival clubbed with an lifestyle wedding expo at paryatan bhawan this oct 21&22 2015. I need to list down the bestest from various corners of my city to come and serve their delicious preparations for their very own lucknowites..

    So if you can help me have some more other that what you have mentioned with the help of your foodie followers. It will be a great help.

    • Dear Neha, I’ve already put all the possible food points in this blog, rest you can check in comment section as well as other food blogs. However, I am not aware about this expo and its location, so it is hard to suggest!

  7. Hey I have tried this Mashi Biryani House at Chowk. They have amazing Hyederabadi Biryani. The price is decent and the taste is authentic.

  8. thank you gaurav for this wonderful blog..its very useful for my lucknow trip.

  9. Hello gaurav sir is there any particular street in lucknow any one street where I can get all the food stuffs I need all non vegetarian. A place or street where I would get all above eatables in one street can I know the name of street sir.

  10. Awesome,Thanks for sharing this blog.These pictures are very wonderful and described many famous food in Lucknow.

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