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Where Can You Buy Finasteride

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  1. Hi Gaurav, I m planning for my honeymoon in india for Feb and confused between Goa and Kerala? one of the agent in India has told couples cant enjoy much in the evenings in Kerela due to safety reasons and in the houseboats there are problems of mosquitoes etc…I wanted to go Goa and my Fiancé wants to visit Kerala…can you please help and suggest..

    Many Thanks in Advance!

    • I will also suggest you Kerala rather than Goa for honeymoon in Feb, but I know this is a very tough job for you to convince her for Goa 🙂 So, once discuss with your fiance & plan about Goa if possible, else you have no option rather than Kerala 🙂 Good Luck!!

  2. Hi Gaurav, I am planning for my Honeymoon in India in July month but confused with the places in this month, so could you help me with this?
    One more thing that should I go with Travel Agents or alone.

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