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Travel Tips For Solo Female Travellers in India

Are you a solo female  traveler? If yes, it’s good..! But if it doesn’t, you should still go through this safety travel blog to help other female travelers who just love to travel regularly, or after a short interval. So, as an independent Indian traveler, I’m just sharing here top 5 tips for single women traveler which I noticed during my time of travel across India. However, I do not notice women/girls regularly, usually, :) but still I note some points what they really care about when they travel alone in India.

So, today here are some important travel guidelines for all female travelers who are planning a tour in India in upcoming days. I think you should be aware about these important rule before start your trip. Just check it out-

(But, before going to start these female travel security instructions in detail, I suggest you to visit my earlier post about top 10 travel tips in India where you will get some basic, but very important travel guidelines; particularly if you’re scheduling to travel across India. Doesn’t matter you’re men or women traveler, these tips for all!!)

Let’s Start-

Tips for Solo Female Travelling India Alone

1. Avoid Provoke dress, Wear local Indian clothes


I know we live in a country which is independent since 1947, and giving tough competition to every country in each & every field. But we Indians have some culture, respect, tradition, standard of living and value in every aspects of life which makes us different from any other civilization of the world. And the very different way of living is really matters for Indians.

Peoples in India (younger as well as older) really care and respect their seniors as well as their women & girls (specially). And we expect same in revert. We really care our daughters, sisters about what they should wear, what they should avoid, and what they should really ignore. I know you’re thinking about me how small town mentality I have. But, it isn’t. It is our culture to giving respect to every female even doesn’t know her.

So, if you are an Indian female tourist, I better suggest you to wear our local cloths during trip. It is also very convenient for you to go into religious places as well as crowded places. Same follows for abroad solo travelers too, don’t wear provoke foreign cloths, try some Indian lifestyle this time and I can bet you’ll be more familiar with Indian culture & values.

However, it isn’t mandatory or any force to follow my suggestions, but try it if possible. Live this time like an Indian, not looking like a tourist. Hope, you would get what exactly I wanted to share.

2. Always try to reach during the day


This is definitely a remembering tip for all female trekker who travel alone, whether it is India or any other country, it’s good to reach desire destination/hotel before late evening. In India, you will have to face many types of problem if you are getting late to reach your visit or stay point. First problem is conveyance, it may be tough job to find local conveyance if you’re not well aware about route. Second is find a good driver (if you get conveyance easily); it is also possible the driver could be drunk, so care about that. Third is insecurity. Yes, of-course, Insecurity is the most talked concern among night travelers in India. However, India is safe for all types of tourism, but still I’ll not suggest any female solo traveler to pass through or go alone places after evening, and try to avoid if possible. And still it is urgent to go, make sure you have a private taxi for both side; but never take empty buses & trains. And if you’re planning to travel by Train, better to book upper birth/seat.

And one more thing, make sure you have international travel insurance for holidays which help to make abroad trip more secure and risk free. It is recommended and I guess it is mandatory too!

3. Avoid Unwanted/Unknown/Unnecessary Attractions


This is the specialty of India to deliver some incredibly unique attractions that catch the attention of abroad travelers as well as local tourist; some are good, some awful. These attractions may be related to anything like group together, chit-chat with strange men, eyes attention, local festivals, and some roadside very appealing actions like street juggler and circus. Try to avoid all these unfamiliar interest as much as possible especially if you are a solo women traveler because you’re not familiar about all these.

4. Group photo session! Be little bit choosy :)


It may be strange for foreigners to find themselves in the center of Indians for just a single photo click. As an Indian, we do this only to show our friends & relatives that we met an abroad traveler without any shame or hesitation.  We (Indians) do this always and doesn’t matter we did photo requests with other travelers many time :) However, there is no harm to be a part of couple of Indians or family; but for a female traveler I suggest, be choosy! Alone traveler (female) should ignore photo with single men, but can be join if they want group photo. Surely, being a part of group photo is always a memorable act :)

5. Act Smart, Look Confident & Be Alert


Act Smart. I believe every women traveler is smart enough to use technology & gadgets, so I must suggest you carry Smartphone to avoid any hesitation & misunderstanding during trip. You don’t need to ask everything from strange people about any anonymous entity, just search online about all your queries. Google is smart enough to give answer of your possible queries. However, the majority of the Indians are very friendly nature, but avoid especially if you’re a foreigner and an alone female tourist.

Looking positive & feeling energetic is the great sign of feel safe & secure, and it’s also help to make your trip more delightful. So, Care your health! Care your wealth! And don’t be careless.

Be Alert. Don’t surprise if you see any awkward or very strange incident with anyone, India is very big country, so any good or bad incident may be happening with anyone. Don’t mesh with others problems & circumstances, be alert and leave the place if you think there is happening anything wrong. As you are the tourist, you should only focus on travelling, fun, safety, and experience more-n-more unexplored attractions and tourist places of India.

So, here it has been done for now. If any female solo tourist is reading this blog, please suggest your valuable input in comment box, I’ll definitely try to add your recommendation in this blog.

So, please share these important female travel tips with your co-traveler and friends via Facebook, Twitter.

Until then, travel more…be safe…and keep visiting Formertourist! :)

Hey there! its me behind this travel blog - 'Formertourist.com'. Passionate travel blogger, online marketing professional & an independent traveler . Want to connect with me to get latest India travel news, ideas, updates and alerts? Add me in your Google Plus circle to get connected.


  1. Hi,
    I agree with all step and what a great post you have shared again. I appreciate all the step which is necessary to follow for all Indian women. So far as I admit that If we follow all the above step then we can be safe & secure.

  2. I am also agree all the steps you mention here.. good work bro…

  3. Thanks for sharing… Tips are really great to follow, to be more safer at any place while on a trip… I love travelling and will surely keep in mind these tips .

  4. Hey Gaurav seriously you deserve a lot of appraisal from every traveler.your tips are just out of this world.Keep posting 🙂

  5. Nice blog.. Gud job.. It is very important for traveller to know about the tips of travelling. Thank you so much for the information.

  6. As a solo female traveller, I agree with all your points above. India is a country with different culture and ethics. After visiting twice in India, I understand that wearing cloths like local will be your savage. Thanks for the tips.

  7. Woow, this looks really amazing,
    This is really on my have to do list before i get into my 40’s

    Keep posting,
    Kind regards

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