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Top 10 Travel Tips For Travellers in India

We believe in “Atithi Devo Bhava”(????? ???? ???), It means the guest (tourist) is God for us.

No deny a huge numbers of tourist from all over the world comes to India every year for tourism. And an uncountable domestic travelers also play vital role to make Indian culture as the main attraction of India tourism. But apart from Indian travelers, there is some hesitation among overseas travelers who usually think about how safe is it to visit India? Is India safe for foreigners? Is India safe for a solo traveler?

So with this blog I am discussing here top 10 things and safety tips which you must know as a traveler if you’re planning to visit India. However, I assure here India is really safe for all types of tourism like city breaks, honeymoon trip, beaches party and cultural tour etc. Still I think few points are definitely needs to discuss which may be helpful for everyone. Just check it out-

Travel Tips for Travel in India (for First-time & Frequent Traveler)

1. Book transportation in advance


This is the first thing you have to do if you want to make your India trip easy, safe and most pleasurable. For local tour in India, it’s better to a hire private cab only from trusted taxi service provider. It is recommended from my side to check reviews and customers experience of taxi services online before booking. And don’t go for unauthorized taxis, these services could be little bit less expensive, but avoid these in all cases. And one more thing, it is good to check driver id as well prior to depart.

However, Public transport is another good option for visiting nearby sightseeing places. Public transport in India like bus is very cost saving option for daily passengers, so if you want to experience some rush journey, you can take it. But be aware of pick pockets. And for long distance trip, I’ll suggest you to prefer only Railway. Rail journey in India is one of the main tourist attractions to enjoy your trip as much as possible. But, book a train ticket in advance to avoid any inconvenience. And take care of your passport, tickets & important documents in public transport.

2. Avoid night travel

Night travel is not restricted in India, but try to avoid it if is not necessary. However, if you’re travelling in metro and hi-tech cities then it is okay, but at an anonymous and alone place, never visit after end of evening. Don’t make me wrong, I am not saying here India is not safe for travel, but if you wanna a city nightout glimpse, follow few tips-

  • Always travel in group.
  • Never go to any unknown place.
  • Never travel alone in auto rickshaw, taxi, and public transport.
  • Remember three digit ‘ 100 ‘ police helpline number if you face any problem.

If you’re women traveler, I have few more tips for you. However, I have not written about women night travel tips this time, but keep visiting, I will cover this topic very soon with more-n-more pros & cons.

3. Away from the crowd


It is well known India is a populated country, so assuming about crowd in India is absolutely right presumption. J You can always see good crowd in India. So what is purpose here to discuss this point? The purpose is very simple. A foreign tourist is always a center of attraction among Indians (yes, of-course, I’m also one of them  :)). Everyone wants to talk them, know about them, and even wants to click a picture with them. So what’s wrong here? There is nothing wrong! But intention matters a lot what exactly an unknown person can do. So, better to away from crowd and crowded areas because not everyone is bad and not all are good.

4. Avoid beggars


Beggars and Begging, both are the very serious concern across the world, not only in India. But there is some difference under beggar categories in India. Some are actual beggar e.g. physically challenged and old aged person. And some are just scams like children, woman, women with babies, and some others who have absolutely physically well, but still can be seen at some red light traffic signals and outside of religious places very usually. So, my best travel tip for you to avoid them because if you give something to one beggar, other will be expect the same and this is the problem here because you can’t give something to everyone. But still if you want to offer them some penny, offer only 10 – 20 Rs/-, but always try to avoid!

5. Be friendly, but don’t be over friendly

Everyone knows Indians are very friendly in the world and become very familiar with anyone even don’t know them. But as you are a tourist, always keep in mind that you are on a holiday trip; not participating in any friends meet event. So there is no sense to be too friendly/familiar with anyone, doesn’t matters next person is men or female.

6. Careful what you eat/drink

travel-tips-drink-good-water<Image Credit>

One thing is really good about India that is easily find foods, restaurants and eating out places. So you don’t need to worry about eating out during your trip, but make sure what and where you are eating. Indians are addicted to eat fatty, chilly, and mainly spicy foods that can be found easily at any restaurant & roadside dhabas, but for someone who are not addicted to Indian cuisine; it may be tough job for him/her to find expected overseas food.  Because searching restaurants that offer all types of foreign foods are very limited.

So my recommendation for you keeps something for light diet in your travel bag pack, and must try Indian foods at-least once if you hadn’t tried that. And one more thing, never drink open water, it may not safe to drink; better to buy sealed pack water bottle verified by ISI trademark. There are some trusted brands are India which offers excellent quality of water that you should use during you trip e.g. Bisleri, Aquafina, Kinley, Rail Neer etc.

7. Carry some cash money as well as plastic money

carry-indian-cash-credit-card-dollar<Image Credit>

Lot of peoples and travel consultants always suggest you carry plastic money (travel card, credit card, and debit card) over cash money. But I do not always agree with them, particularly if I am taking about safety trips for travel within India.

There is no deny you can find ATMs, national & international banks everywhere in India, but still I’ll suggest you carry enough cash money as there are huge numbers of tourist places in India where plastic money doesn’t work always, even at some popular restaurants and hotels too. So, always remember to take sufficient cash as well as plastic money to avoid any kind of problem especially during trip to small cities in India.

8. Carry medicine kit


There is no restriction to carry important and primary medicine during trip to any popular places in India, and it is also permitted to carry all types of regularly use medical tablets even in domestic and international flight as well. So my important guidelines for you, before leaving your home, keep contains primary medicine of fever, flu, pain etc… which suites you better. However, you can find medical stores and good medical clinic everywhere in India, but still keep a personal medicine stuff to avoid any illness and hospitals.

9. Get travel insurance

Again an important…sorry, very important tip for every traveler, doesn’t matter you are planning a holiday trip to abroad or India, travel insurance is necessary and mandatory. Because this is the single policy which bears all the expanses of any miss happening during abroad trip. So, if you’re coming from abroad to India for tourism, make sure you have a good travel insurance policy. I also want to suggest every local Indian tourist too who travel within in India very frequently, must buy a domestic travel insurance plan to make your journey cheaper, easier, safer and better.

You can check here a different blog post about how can you buy/claim travel insurance.

10. Must experience speciality of India (Culture, Food, Shopping)

Trip to India with following all the safety tips may always most pleasurable. So, this travel tip is not about the any new safety guidelines, but this is all about to know India, know about the culture about of India, and must experience the speciality of India like traditional foods and shopping experience. And it will only possible if you come to India, visit across in India, and enjoy different things of India.

So this year, plan an India tour and experience yourself why everyone says India is incredible.

Now, it has been done here. If you find this travel guide informative, please take a minute and post your input in comment box. I’ll glad to hear from you.

So, thanks for reading, and keep visiting Formertourist India travel blog.  :)

Hey there! its me behind this travel blog - 'Formertourist.com'. Passionate travel blogger, online marketing professional & an independent traveler . Want to connect with me to get latest India travel news, ideas, updates and alerts? Add me in your Google Plus circle to get connected.


  1. India what a great place to visit. While traveling through India two things one must kept in their mind Do go in the crowd and must check the food and water because when I travel I normally face these two problems like all the times.Rest is all good. Thanks for this tip. Before my journey I must checklist all these tips.

  2. thanks Gaurav for these wonderful tips… i have one tip too.. always carry water bottle with you because of the hot weather in India. .. you can suffer with Dehydration…. and also if you do safe night travelling .. you actually gonna find it more awesome and relaxing than the day time…

  3. India what a great place to visit. While traveling through India two things one must kept in their mind Do go in the crowd and must check the food and water because when I travel I normally face

  4. Wonder and very useful tips… Thank you for sharing such a helpful post.. Keep up the good work

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