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How To Book Cheap Flight Tickets in India

Booking air tickets in India is the very time consuming and undecided task specially when your budget is limited and trip is unavoidable. Searching about the best way to get cheap flight ticket is always one of the most searching travel topics in India. And lot of flight booking deals comes with all types of offers without any suggestion, so it becomes difficult to decide which is the best air ticket deal.

So with the blog post I’m shedding light on the quick tips to get low price flight tickets in India and the best day to book air tickets online. Let’s check these tips in details-

Best Time to Book Air Tickets in India


Planning in Advance

A great quote planning is the key to success’ is the secret of save time and money. This is the first thing you will have to keep in mind if you are looking for budget flight ticket. You will have to ensure about your next trip so that you can get low cost tickets easily rather than before last minute of fly. You had seen peoples who claim they got air tickets at low price. But there is no secret behind this! Just plan accordingly, buy ticket in advance, pay less and be one of them :-)

Pick Alternate Dates if Flexibility in Trip Days

It isn’t guaranteed that you will get low-cost tickets always since lot of travel agents already purchase a lot of tickets in advance. So make a choice of alternate dates to book tickets if there is flexibility in travel days, and increase the chances multiple time to get inexpensive ticket.

Use Flight Aggregator for Searching Fares

Start your search from flight aggregator sites. There are some top flight ticket aggregators in India like Expedia, Makemytrip, Cleartrip, Yatra, IXIGO and more. Just check these sites and look for low cost deal. I will also suggest you don’t choose very quickly, make a cross search individually. If you find any good deal, just go to flight operator website and search for the same. May be you can get there few more discount on same ticket. However, this technique doesn’t work always. But try once, it worked for me before few months  :-)

Subscribe Email Alerts

Subscribe promotional e-mails of flight operators and aggregators both so you never miss any update about discount offers and limited time deals. And don’t unsubscribe anyone after buy tickets if you want to be updated about latest discount airline ticket deals.

Follow Social Media to Know About Limited Offers

Habitually, Companies announce the latest offers on their social fans pages to inform their customers. So, follow official/offers pages of airlines/aggregators to increase your chances to get reasonable priced tickets firstly by active in social media platforms  :-)

Shop Early But Not at the Last minute

Avoid to buy tickets just before of flight departure. Because this is the time when you will have to pay double cost to avail a seat as demand increases if few seat left and few hours remains just before fight departure.

So these are some tips which I shared with you to get low cost airline tickets online, not only in India but from any country to any location.

So, it’s done. If you find this flight booking tips informative, don’t forget to share with your friends. Hope, it helped all of you.

Thanks for reading, and keep visiting Formertourist.com 🙂

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  1. Flight tickets booking online is the best way to book airline tickets. Anyone can search flights and online and book the flight tickets.

  2. I’ve picked up some surprisingly good deals by subscribing to email alerts – great tip!

  3. On-line booking and comparing for cheap flights is really nice experience for me but i am steel confused about coupons . There are many companies providing coupons that are beneficial or not .

  4. Hi Gaurav, Thank you very much for these tips. I really think some of these tips can be really effective for find cheap airline packages. Especially using social networks since everyone of us are either “Facebooking” or “Tweeting”. Great blog, keep sharing.

    • Gaurav Kumar Srivastava

      You’re right Mr. Sheikh. There is always more changes to get discount limited time travel deals if you are a active member on social media. Travel companies leak their hidden deals only on social platform, sometimes.

  5. Hey Gaurav, great article. It is a perfect post for budget travellers. Every aspect of flying cheap is explained properly. Each and every tip can be very useful for people who want to travel within a fixed budget. Thank you for sharing your flight booking tips with us.

  6. Hem Bahadur Chhetry

    Gauravji, I want to go Ahemedabad to Dibrugarh on the month of September. Can u please tell me which time will be the best to get a cheapest ticket? Its the first time I am hoping to travel in plan so hoping a helpful answer from you!

  7. Some time you get better deal through mobile app than through website. This point should have been included.

  8. Good tips Gaurav, it really help people while planning trip

  9. I always found cheaper fares on the airlines website than on 3rd party booking sites like ClearTrip or MakemYTrip. More over they add those avoidable convenience fees.

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