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Top 10 Travel Apps in India

Travelling is always an exciting experience for everyone, and with the evolution of technology (mobile apps), India tourism has become more striking than ever. Of course we all have Google Map android app or an iOS travel map application in our smart phone, but as an Indian traveler you know these apps are just basics and do not fulfill all requirements for a tourist. So, after spent hours of searches and tested app usability, I’ve found few good travel apps which you should definitely install in your mobile and tablet devices; if you’re planning a trip somewhere in India. I assure you here these mobile travel apps will certainly help you a lot everyday e.g. Train tickets booking, Hotels booking, Weather conditions, Finding a restaurant, Book an entertainment show or theater, and Tour guide & more!

So today I’m sharing quick info and the features about these top 10 best India travel apps which I shortlisted after some analysis, and in return, I’m expecting your sound response in the comment box about how suitable you have found these mobile apps. Let’s go…

Best Travel Apps in India for Android & iPhone


1. Google Map Navigation


Google Map android app doesn’t need any special introduction as we all know & using the application years ago. This application helps us to find any nearby or far location, route map between two destinations, distance and traffic idea, voice satellite guide, and estimated time to reach a particular location. Recently, Google has updated a major change in the Google Map app. Now you can save the map of any area and can use it later with no data cost. So this is win-win deal!

I believe no more information is required about this app, as we all are much familiar with this top mobile travel navigation app powered by Google.

2. Apple Maps


If you’re an iPhone user, you know what Apple Maps is and what its functionality are. But users who’re not familiar with the app, this iOS app work as similar as Google Maps in android phone. It is the default installed application in iPad & iPhone for searching route, your current location, voice guidance, and works best if you’re navigating route in a car. However, some iPhone users always say Google Maps for iPhone (available on the App Store) is multiple times better than Apple Map app. So if you’re an iPhone user, I definitely want to know all your experience about which mobile app work best if I talk about route navigation or map search.

Do share all your reviews in the comment box  :)

3. IRCTC Connect


Very early in this year, April 2015, IRCTC has launched its first ever version of mobile app to make railway booking system easier and more convenient. The main idea behind lunching the app was to assure a traveler can book train ticket without accessing their laptop or PC. No need to sit long hours and change your day plan to get a confirm ticket. Now you can install Indian railway ticket booking app in your Smartphone and get your ticket instantly. No matter you’re on a honeymoon trip, staying in a hotel, travelling on a business trip, setting in a cinema, or you’re in a rural area or remote location; just few clicks and you’re done!

4. Incredible India


No matter you’re a frequent traveler or not, you should definitely install Incredible India mobile app. Run by Ministry of India, it is some of the best travel application that allows you find and explore the best of India tourism. But the feature that makes it differ from other travel apps is that the app allows to enable your current location, and then you can find all the nearest tourist attractions in the city with accurate information. In few words, Incredible India app is surely an India mobile travel guide.

5. TripAdvisor


I bet there in not a single mobile application that provides everything in a single app as TripAdvisor does. Even I visit their website and mobile app multiple times in a day when someone asks me the reviews about any hotel or any tourist place. TripAdvisor website and its mobile application, both are must to have travel resources in a traveler’s Smartphone to make the trip easier. Now comes to its features & functionality-

A big dashboard on home page allows you to search nearby hotel, flight ticket booking, best restaurants, list of all tourist attractions in your city, and a forum discussion platform where you can ask your trip related information on the board. You only need to create an ID and enable your current location in your mobile, rest this travel app is smart enough to guide you further.

And if you’re booking flight using TripAdvisor, don’t forget to check quick tips how to get cheap air tickets in India.

6. Lonely Planet


Lonely Planet Travel Guide – again a powerful app for a frequent traveler! Avails the very similar features as TripAdvisor, Lonely Planet mobile app also comes with some very unique feature. Apart from all the travel related services and information, this app promises 100% offline maps, photos, and text information (as they mentioned in their documentations). However, when I used this app I couldn’t find anything offline without using mobile data or Wifi. May be this facility is enabled in other countries, not in India.  :) In case if you get something free, do let me know!

Still it is inbuilt with very useful features that may help you to plan your trip in minutes, access world travel guide, and features like what is the your best nearby location for eating and travelling with image & map guides to reach there.

7. AccuWeather


Forecasting weather report before planning your dream trip is the first step to make your journey safe, memorable, and well managed. With the evolution of mobile technology, now you can check the report of current and next few months weather forecast of any location on this planet. And here comes the big name – AccuWeather. However, this mobile application is by default installed in lot of mobile phones like my Samsung Galaxy  :) , but if you haven’t found this app in your app list ; time to get it right now. You wouldn’t believe it is one of the most downloaded and top using weather apps across the globe.

8. Zomato


Do you know all the restaurants in your city, or you want to know all the pubs, bar, and the food joints where you’re currently staying? If Yes, Zomato is the answer of your food and restaurants related queries!

Zomato app provides you simply great user friendly mobile dashboard to browse the restaurants list, their menu items, post & read reviews about restaurant service or food quality, and options to order food using app. And the best thing why it is the best mobile app for travelers because Zomato operates the business in 22 countries including India that covers one million plus restaurants across 10,000 big and small cities. Yup, you’ve read it correct! This is a very big number. And that’s make Zomato miles ahead than any other their existing competitors.

Of course few readers may argue why not Foodpanda?…why Zomato only in the list? The reason is very clear. I shortlisted Zomato over Foodpanada because it not only avails you order food online but also help you to locate the directory of all the restaurants and food joints in any locality in the most accurate & comprehensive way. Hope, sounds good!  :)

9. BookMyShow


We all love entertainment during a holiday trip; no matter it is an adventure activities, a romantic trip, a weekend travel plan, or family vacations; going to watch a movie with your loving one is always unmatched experience. And here this app comes into picture. You can book movie tickets, a local theaters show, or get visiting pass to visit a mega or star show in the current city. Rest, I believe you know what this app is and how you can utilize this app to change the colors of your long vacation.

10. Justdial


Just dial … I mean call Justdial on 088888 88888 if you need any kind type of help related your lifestyle or related things. Justdial mobile app is easy, interactive, intuitive, and extremely fast to search everything related services, products, and business. For travelers, you can search your trip related requirements on this mobile app like travel agents, tour operators, restaurants guide, hotel booking, tickets for movies & entertainment, travel discount coupons, and much much more..! You won’t know Justdial is India’s very 1st  & fastest local search engine to find anything and everything easily.

So why are you waiting for? Just download this app and search whatever you want! And if you’re installing this app very first time, you may get few free movie tickets and discount coupons! (The first time when I installed the app I got two PVR tickets for free!! However, that was a flop movie 😆 😆 😆 )

That’s it! So these are some of the best mobile travel application you must need to install if you’re preparing a vacation very soon. Keep this all apps in your mobile and tablet devices, and I bet won’t be disappointed. And if you already have experienced these apps, do share your review in below comment section.

Until then… Be Safe, Keep travelling & Keep visiting Formertourist.com 🙂

Hey there! its me behind this travel blog - 'Formertourist.com'. Passionate travel blogger, online marketing professional & an independent traveler . Want to connect with me to get latest India travel news, ideas, updates and alerts? Add me in your Google Plus circle to get connected.

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