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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Visiting Europe!

Europe has the most beautiful tourist destinations, is rich in cultural heritage and has a mix of modern and traditional architecture that would leave you wanting for more.

With the fall in the Euro to INR conversion rates, there can’t be a better time to visit Europe but now! Get your bags packed as now quick online submission of your visa can be done in a few days and you can be on the next flight to Europe! Here’s a sneak preview on how you can get around Europe with some of the places of interest and useful tips that would help you on your trip:

Places to Visit in Europe

1. Rome


When in Rome, do as the Romans do! Start your journey from the Trenitalia Station and make your way to the Spanish Steps or Spagna. The steps with a flight of 135 steps were made famous with the movie, Roman Holiday. Dig into pizzas, spaghetti, ravioli and sample fine wine.

Rome, known as the melting pot of modern civilization was founded in 735 BC and is the birthplace of Western Civilization. Marvel at paintings, sculptures and other works of art at the Vatican Museum while you walk down large corridors.

A visit to the Sistine Chapel is a must as you look up at Michelangelo’s famous Creation of Adam. The Piazza Navona is packed with energy as you pass-over rounded cobbles and make your way to the fountains. The track around the fountains was once used to race horse

2. Paris


The City of Love will rekindle your romance as you sway through Paris’s delicate and manicured streets. Paris is the magical place that blends rich-cultural heritage with a distinct sense of modernity. The Louvre built in the 12th century by Philip II stands as a testament to Greek and Roman sculpture and French artifacts. It is the second most visited museum in the world and has been opened to the public since 1793.

As you walk through the Champs-Élysées, you begin to retrace the steps of France’s rich history as you journey from Place de la Concorde, Place Charles de Gaulle, and reach the Arc de Triomphe. The Eiffel Tower constructed in 1889 for the World Fair transmits 5 radio stations and 6 digital television signals. It is home to two gourmet restaurants and is also a functional light house.

Paris is also known for its fine dining restaurants, classy fashion streets and its bonbon chocolates. There are several wine tasting events, self-guided cycle tours and halls dedicated for international concerts and events.

3. London

The City of Dreams is known for its cultural landscapes and its energized and friendly population. Over the River Thames, the star attraction is none other than the Big Ben. Big Ben stands at the northern part of the Houses of Parliament. It sits a few metres away from Westminster Abbey and 10 Downing Street, the residence of the British Prime Minister. St. Paul’s Cathedral is situated at the highest point in central London and is home to the seat of the Bishop of London.

After passing through the gates at the side of Trafalgar Square, you pass through Princess Diana’s Memorial Walk and reach Buckingham Palace. The Palace has been home to British monarchs since 1761 after King George III acquired it from the Duke of Buckingham. When you are on a hop-on, hop-off bus, the most magnificent of the all the attractions on the tour is the drive through Tower Bridge.

Relive history when you enter Hampton Court and dine in royal splendor. The Hampton Court has been awarded two Guinness Book of World records for the Oldest Surviving Hedge Maze and the World’s Largest Productive Vine. When in London, a visit to the local pub will help you catch up on club brews and finger foods. Other places of interest include the London Eye, Tate Modern Gallery, and the Imperial war museum.

4. Prague


The largest city in the Czech Republic is known for its Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque movements. The Wenceslas Square is at the heart of Prague where several  strikes and demonstrations were staged. The streets were the backdrop of the 19th century National revival movement and the Prague Uprising of 1945. St. Vitus Cathedral, founded by the Duke of Bohemia is home to the seat of the Archbishop of Prague. The most visited place in the cathedral is the Chapel of St. Wenceslas that contains the relics of the saint. The cathedral was completed in the 19th century based on the styles of Josef Kranner, a renowned German architect.

A visit to the Pet?ín hill, set above the Vltava River will take you on an adventure to Prague’s country-side. Around the hill, you must visit St. Michael Church, the Rose Garden, St. Lawrence Cathedral and Mirror Maze.

5. Berlin


Until 1989, the Berlin Wall stood as a barrier that divided western capitalistic West  Germany from Communist East Germany. Large portions of the Berlin Wall and its graffiti indicates the scenario that Germans faced for several decades until East Germany was liberated. Checkpoint Charlie was the earlier crossing point between East and West Berlin.

It is now one of the biggest tourists attractions after the dissolution of the Eastern Bloc. The Reichstag building was housed the German Empire and is now the lower house of Germany’s national legislature. Known for its lush gardens, it is known especially for its parks and the Spree River at the south bank.

Carry at all times

  • Sunscreen, Sunglasses, Hat
  • Map and a GPS enabled Smartphone
  • Camera, Medicines and Money belt
  • Photocopies of checked-in luggage, passport, visas, travel insurance, flight tickets and travel itinerary and Flight tickets
  • Passport photos, details of banking information, Identification Card like Student ID.

So, on your next visit to Europe, remember keep your documents and money safe and travel light. This will help you travel from one country to the next in Europe with relative ease as you enjoy Europe at your pace.

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