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Tourist Places in Chandigarh

I think there is no need to discuss here why Chandigarh city is one of the best cities in India, and why not? When you can visit Chandigarh any time of the year for tourism, vacations or holidays to see and enjoy the ultimate surrounding and beautiful places of this well planned city, so I believe there is no need to  write more about its popularity and uniqueness. But for you information, the best thing about the green city Chandigarh is that you can find everything what a tourist may desire like popular tourist attractions, top hotels, and the energetic vibrant nightlife of city.

So after the post of Chandigarh best markets, now I am going to discuss here the top tourist places to visit in Chandigarh. Let’s check it out-

Chandigarh tourist places to visit : Things to do

Sukhna Lake


There are lots of places to go and see in Chandigarh, but there is none which can compete with Sukhna Lake when it comes as a most travelling places in the city. The surprise thing about the Sukhna Lake is that it is first artificial (manmade) lake in India which created in 1958. Stretching more than 3 km and surrounded by lush green garden makes it heaven for boating and yachting lovers. You can usually see their crowd of different age during walking, jogging and sprinting, or peoples can be seen with their loved ones in a boat at the far side of the wide lake.

Sukhna Lake has also been declared as a protected national wetland by the Government of India, so you can also see there different species of migratory birds like Storks, Cranes and Siberian duck around the lake which also raise the appeal of this popular visitor place. So, if you are planning to visit Chandigarh in your next trip, must visit Sukhna Lake once. I assure you willn’’t be disappointed. You can visit there any day of the week between 5 AM to 9 PM, and entry fee is absolutely Zero 🙂

Rock Garden


Located in Chandigarh Sector 1 between Sukhna Lake and the Capitol Complex, Rock Garden is one of the top visiting places in Chandigarh throughout the year. And the best thing about the Rock Garden is that it is built with through-away and waste material. It is blended with waterfalls, polls, curve way and attractive chambers (all made with totally waste item by using bottles, glasses, tiles, mudguards, forks, metal wires, play marbles, broken auto parts, electronic waste etc.) which shows the power of imagination and inventory. Generally it opens all days at 9 AM, so if you are searching top tourist attraction in Chandigarh city, I will highly recommended you to start your day by visiting Rock Garden to see the live example of creativity and innovation.

Leisure Valley


If you ask me to define about Leisure Valley, I will just say “It is the town of gardens”. And why not, Leisure Valley is spread over 8 km in Chandigarh city from sector 1 to sector 53 with numbers of famous parks including Rose Garden, Terrace Garden, Topiary Park, Botanical Garden and some others which makes it a perfect spot to take a break from the busy and noisy daily life. However, it opens all days, but if you are going Chandigarh for holidays, then must visit Leisure Valley between nature season (February to March) to see the beauty of this garden and you may also attend there some annual shows and gardens festivals.

Rose Garden


Rose Garden is well known as Zakir Hussain Rose Garden, is spread over 30 acres of land in Chandigarh India and it is the largest rose garden in entire Asia which named after former President of India (Mr. Zakir Hussain). This rose garden contains more than 17,000 rose plants with 1,600 varieties of roses over there. It also hosts festival of gardens every year (three day in summer) which is one of the largest garden festivals of Asia which consist exhibition of different species of rose and games, attracts big crowd of city to visit and enjoy the festival.

You can visit there any time of the day (between 5 AM to 9 PM) and there is no fee to enter in the garden. 🙂 …Also find here list of top visiting places in Gurgaon (near Chandigarh).

Government Museum And Art Gallery

government-museum-and-art -gallery

If you are a true lover of miniature painting, arts, old/ancient collections of objects (coins and stone sculptures of the Gandhara period) and Museum, then you should must visited Government Museum and Art Gallery once during your Chandigarh trip, located in Sector 10 near the Rose Garden. The large building is consists of a large visiting room, lobby, laboratory, museum, exhibition hall, auditorium, cafeteria and a large book library where you can get there huge collection of more than 6000 book related art and culture. So if you have enough time and you’re interested to know about culture, art and some old heritage of India, I will also suggest you to visit this place when you’re searching some hidden tourist attractions in Chandigarh. Also find here detailed information about Chandigarh 5 star hotels.

So, it’s done. If you find this post informative, please share with others 🙂

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  1. Gaurav, great stuff here! I can’t wait to one day check out India and see some of these places you’ve written about. Keep up the good work, mate!

    • Gaurav Kumar Srivastava

      Christian, its great to know you liked my post about some great places of India including Chandigarh. I assure here India tourism is more appealing than anything what I am writing here.

  2. Rose garden I have yet to visit. Waiting for winter to arrive then someday will visit Rose garden for sure.

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