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Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Goa

India is a land of diversities and you will find almost every type of place in this vast country to celebrate your vacation in. Be it the misty hills of Kanchenjunga or the pilgrimages of South India or even the lush beaches of Goa – you name it and you have it. Goa has a number of beaches along the coastline, and some of them are more popular, some are more beautiful, some are more adventurous, and some are more traditional.

Goa has been a beach lovers’ paradise forever – and though you will often find it busy and crowded. However, there is no place like Goa to spend a few days with friends or loved ones.

So today I have shortlisted and grouped together the top 10 most famous beaches in Goa in this blog, where you should definitely visit whenever you are in Goa. Believe me, it was hardest task for me to select only few best beaches of Goa in the top 10 list, as every beach seems better than other.  Let’s check some of the most beautiful beaches of Goa with quick details.

Best Beaches in South Goa

1. Palolem Beach


An interesting blend of the local fishermen and the visiting foreign tourists, Palolem is a very popular beach in Goa filled with people, beach shacks, and local markets. The beauty of Palolem Beach is that you can see the beach from one end to the other owing to its curved shape, and that the sea is relatively calm letting you enjoy the sea. For the more adventurous tourist, there are many trails along the rocky island. It is suggested, however, that a guide should be taken along because the tides around Palolem beach can be a bit tricky at times.

2. Agonda Beach


If you’re looking for peace, rest, and sunbath at Goa beach, then Agonda Beach is your best bet. The best part about Agonda is that there is hardly any network connectivity, and so if you aim to switch off from the rest of the world, you easily can! 🙂 🙂 Another plus is that it’s much cheaper than other nearby beaches, and well connected with most being only a few minutes’ of bike ride away. So if you want some solitude during the day, be at Agonda and then zoom on to Palolem and enjoy the Goa nightlife – two birds with one stone, anyone?

So if you’re planning to stay in Goa, here you will find places to stay from budget apartments to luxury villas with private swimming pools and sea views. Many quaint villas, cottages, apartments and houses for rent in South and North Goa.

3. Colva Beach


Looking for an adrenalin-pumping day at the Goa beach with crazy water sports? Want to pick up mementoes to decorate your house or gift loved ones? Interested in trying out the luxurious delicacies at the beach shacks along the beach? All this and more makes Colva one of the most famous beaches in South Goa. What it lacks for in beauty (what with the whole lot of concrete all over) Colva definitely makes up for in ambience. And though it is often considered one of the most crowded and busiest beaches in Goa, Colva can offer you experiences of a lifetime!

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4. Cavelossim Beach


Black lava rocks and soft white sand, crystal clear turquoise waters, and a calm and virgin beach to make memories in, Cavelossim Beach has suddenly caught the attention of the tourists. This would be an ideal ‘family vacation’ spot – and you could make your mom happy by taking her to the Shantaadurga Devasthan to offer prayers to the Goddess Durga!

5. Varca Beach


Claimed to be one of the cleanest beaches in India (Goa), Varca beach offers you a picturesque location combined with a serene atmosphere. One unique attraction of Varca beach is the row of wooden fishing boats that are spread out along the beach. These belong to the fishing community that resides in this location. You can spend your time soaking in the natural beauty or swimming alongside dolphins or even snacking at the many shacks that have sprung up recently.

Best Beaches in North Goa

The beaches in Goa can be classified according to many different categories: there are the “touristy beaches”  which are always crowded and have much to offer; there are the “virgin beaches” which see much lesser footfall but have their fair share of loyalists; there are the “nightlife beaches” which offer you an amazing clubbing and partying scene – often including raves and crazy nights; there are the “sporty beaches” which have an assorted option of water sports and adventure activities that keep people occupied for hours together; and there are the “beautiful beaches” which offer the best that nature has to give and a sense of serenity that cannot be found anywhere else.

So below are some of these “beautiful beaches” of North Goa that one must visit if one wants to enjoy the treasures of nature!

6. Baga Beach


Peppered with shacked huts and millions of tourists, Baga beach is a beautiful stretch of golden sands and blue seas! Baga and Calangute are so close to each other that it is often difficult to tell them apart – unless of course you are a regular (of which there are hundreds) or a guide. But Baga is a traveler’s paradise, as it offers you the best of everything in one shot – touristy stuff, seafood, water sports, and nightlife – ask it and Baga has it for you!

7. Anjuna Beach


The classical beautiful beach where you imagined yourself sunbathing on one of those wooden decks with a drink by your side and palm trees swaying over your head is exactly what Anjuna beach is. You can enjoy some calm and quite in Anjuna beach, though you might still have to jostle for space, because the major commercial resorts are yet to make an entry here. Make sure to check out the Goa famous Wednesday Flea Market where you are sure to get some amazing stuff at really unbelievable prices – just be ready to bargain a lot!

8. Arambol Beach


Arambol Beach has an old-world charm that throws you back to the ages past when the Portuguese first came to Goa. The people, the houses, the sights & sounds, the warmth – are all so amazing that you feel like you had been a part of Arambol from the moment you set foot. Also, if the main beach front gets a bit too crowded for your liking, you can take a short walk to the smaller fresh water lake beach close by. Another interesting place that adds to the beauty and adventure of the beach is the jungle valley that lies between two low hills in Arambol which house the famed banyan tree.

9. Dona Paula Beach

dona-paula-beach-north-goa<Image Credit>

You’ve probably heard of the spirit of a beautiful young who walks along the beach having emerged on a moonlit night wearing only a string of pearls? If you’re not faint-hearted and want to try your luck in sighting this young lady, head straight to the Dona Paula beach – named after the young lady Dona Paula who jumped to her death for not being allowed to marry a local fisherman she was in love with. The beach is a beautiful stretch that allows you to relax and sunbathe; and also to have fun – if you so prefer – by indulging in various activities.

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10. Calangute Beach


A beach vacation is often encapsulated in the three words: the sun, the sea, and the sand – and Calangute Beach is a perfect location that gives you an amazing concoction of all the three above. Known by many as the “Queen of Beaches” Calangute beach offers you white sands where you can sunbathe to all your glory under the shade of a hundred palm trees and blue seas where you can swim, surf, and do water-sports. Here’s a recipe for a perfect Calangute beach day (beware: its almost 24 hours long!): spend your day enjoying the sea and the seafood, then sit down to see the beauty of the sun set with your favorite person and drink; hop over to the shacks and have the most amazing party all night long; retire to the beach all exhausted but ready to see the sun rise over the horizon. Almost perfect, isn’t it?

Goa has been a traveler’s dream destination for years. People love to take weekend trips and long vacations to enjoy the beauty of the beaches, to dance till they can see no tomorrow at the nightspots, and shop till they drop at the various night and flea markets. There are also those who want to soak in the old world Portuguese charm that Goa has to offer in the form of the heritage towns, the ancient churches, the beautiful yet run down forts, and the hospitality of the fishing the community.

So whether you’re looking for a relaxed holiday where all you want to do is rest and rejuvenate your tired bones and stressed senses or are seeking a fun-filled vacation full of adventure sports, parties, and shopping: Goa has everything that will make you happy.

That’s it!

If you enjoyed the Goa beaches guide, let me know in the comment box.

Until then, keep travelling and keep visiting Formertourist.com 🙂

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  1. Good post thanks to sharing..

  2. One of the best beach in Goa I believe will be Candolim beach.
    cool, calm and very people go there. You can enjoy just by sitting there. I found it amazing though every beach has its uniqueness in GOA.

  3. Though I haven’t been through all the beaches you mentioned here, but from what I have been to, I think Candolim was best. I loved Calangute too, but it seems people mostly avoid it due to the crowd and thus Candolim is getting preffered choice of most tourists nowadays.

    Thanks for sharing. Would surely explore the rest soon 🙂

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