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Shopping Places in Delhi

There is nothing in the market which you can’t find when you are shopping in Delhi. Yes, Delhi becomes most popular place when it comes as a shopping destination. It can’t be possible if someone visit Delhi for tourism and he doesn’t visit its local market for shopping. So whenever you are in Delhi, don’t forget to visit some of the best shopping areas. It is well known as shopping hub of India. Check below the prime shopping destinations of Delhi.

Top 10 Shopping Markets in Delhi

1. Connaught Place (CP)

Connaught Place is one of the highly recommended shopping areas in Delhi. You can start your day from luxurious malls to all top brands showroom that connect with each others with few steps. Connaught Place is famous for top class cloth/fabric market, but you can also buy there jewelry, books, Indian handcraft items, electronic products and more. Connaught Place is fully packed with showrooms, malls, café, restaurants, hotels, multiplexers and best place to find finest nightclubs in Delhi.

2. Chandni Chowk


Chandni Chowk, again one of the top shopping places in Delhi, and it is not as expensive as Connaught Place. You can buy items from Chandni Chowk market at very reasonable rates. It is famous for wedding lehengas, semi-precious jewelry, embroidered bags, garments of silk and cotton, and it is the best place for buying books and electronic goods. After shopping, don’t forget to taste some delicious foods from the traditional market of Chandni Chowk.  It is the hub of delicious foods, and one of the famous places to eat in Delhi.

3. Dilli Haat

If you want to buy something from the traditional market of Indian villages.  Dilli Haat is the best recommendation for you. You can see there small thatched roof cottages with the ultimate atmosphere of Indian villages. You can also think that it is weekly Indian village market that famous for delicious spicy foods, handcrafted and handloom items.

4. Palika Bazaar

Palika Bazaar is fully underground air-conditioned market at the centre of Connaught Place, New Delhi. It is famous for cloths, electronic goods, perfumes and wide range of different products are available in this market. Although, products price are fixed, but if you are able to good bargaining, you should visit Palika Bazaar once for shopping in Delhi. It is well connected to public transport like metro, buses and taxies, so you can shop there till late night until your feet hurt.

Also check top 10 places for street shopping in India. This shopping blog post gives you insight about India famous street shopping experience.

 5. Greater Kailash

Greater Kailash market is divided into two shopping areas, Greater M-Block and N-Block. Both markets are best known for crowded shops that famous for its street food-corners, showrooms and local outlets for shopping in Delhi. It is the best place to buy costume jewelry, Indian traditional & causal cloths, and footwears. There are also some good restaurants, pubs and nightclubs for peoples who like to chill.

6. Karol Bagh

Karol Bagh is one the busiest and oldest shopping areas in Delhi which famous for bridal wears, Indian garments (cotton, silks, woolens or synthetics cloths), shoes, cosmetic products, books, gadgets and electronic items. The most recommended shopping places near Karol Bagh are-

  • Ghaffar Market
  • Ajmal Khan Road
  • Arya Samaj Road
  • Bank Street

7. Lagpat Nagar

Lagpat Nagar recently become one of the most popular shopping places of Delhi. It is actual famous for reasonable rates of garments e.g. saris, salwar kameezes, and all categories of formal to casual clothes. But it is not limited to garments market only, if you are looking to buy good qualities of accessories, footwear, bags etc. Lagpat Nagar is must go place for you.

8. Sarojini Nagar

There is lot of shopping areas in Delhi to buy cloths. But Sarojini Nagar is different than any other areas. If you are looking to buy branded cloths on cheap price, Sarojini Nagar is the best place where you should visit once. You may think that these cloths are duplicating branded, but it isn’t. Actually these are rejected cloths of big brand that sell here on throwaway price. But you may try these.

9. Khan Market

Khan market is one the top posh shopping areas in Delhi. A well U-shaped established market that fully packed with top book shops, branded cloths showrooms, best boutiques and top class lifestyle stores for shopping. Khan market is also known food point where you can enjoy delicious famous recipes of Delhi at café, restaurants and street food corners. So, whenever you visit Delhi, don’t forget to visit Khan Market. It is highly recommended place for travelers.

10. South Extension

There is no doubt that South Extension is the top posh area in Delhi for living, night out, club, pubs, bars and shopping. There is big range of all type of items in South Extension market. If you are looking for luxurious shopping places in Delhi, South Extension is the best area where you should visit once.

So, these are top 10 shopping area in Delhi where you can shop as your desire. And don’t forget to check the ten best shopping places in Goa if you’re travelling or planning to shop in Goa.

That’s it. If you like my post, you may post your valuable comment below. Thanks for reading.

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  1. I wanted to find out where we can find large sizes of Indian clothing for women at discounted prices…any suggestions?

  2. @Gaurav: I am going for a 1 month trip to Europe in January and it will be the peak time of winter & i am expecting some snowfall also..
    So could you guide me a place in delhi where i can purchase some winter clothes (Cheap and Best) like jackets, thermals, snow boots etc for men.
    Thanks !!

    • Dear Arvind,

      There is no doubt Delhi is a perfect destination for winter shopping. For buying winter cloth collections and related accessories, Delhi Janpath market is the best place for purchasing winter vacation items. However you can also purchase there all types of clothes, but ideally Janpath market Connaught Place is famous for winter vacation clothes. Apart from Janpath, don’t forget to visit Karol Bagh market as it is some of best place in Delhi where you can visit for every types of shopping; from expensive to cheap and best.

      I’ve also heard about Tibetan market which is good place if you’re searching winter clothes at affordable price. So you may also go there for more..!

      Good Luck 🙂

  3. hey sir,

    okk so can you please tell me that should I purchase clothes from chandni chowk…

  4. Hi I am Jayanti..I am coming in Delhi thanks to you…

  5. Hello, your recommendations are fabulous! I am from Mauritius and will visit delhi soon. Suggest me some places where can get cheap churidar sarees retail & wholesale, and men clothes too! And a good hair salon for treatment. Thanks

    • @Veena: The Chandni Chowk market (Old Delhi area) is the best place to buy churidar sarees, wedding sarees and lehengas in retail as well as wholesale. And for mens, you may visit any market I recommended above. Also check my all previous comments for further shopping ideas.

      P.S. You’re looking salon for haircut or treatment? For haircut, there are countless hair salon in Delhi. Just type in Google!

  6. Hai bhayya, I came to Delhi in last November as my hubby is working in defence. I have heard a lot about where to shop in Delhi…n ur blog gave a lots more useful information. My cousin has a small shop in remote costal area of Kerala state. N she seemed my help to buy cotton sarees in whole sale rate n cheap ones..Gandhi market is the best…my some friends over here recommended n u too…but now my problem is how long is this Gandhi market from subroto park n by what means we can reach..if by metro where should v get down..and in which direction from station we have to go for saree purshase. I came to know that there are diff areas for different costumes….can u give me some more details to reach my designation. Low cotton sarees at the cheapest rate. Shop is in a remote costal area as I mentioned above..focused on fisher women n women labours..so not much profit cant be taken…I hop u can help me bro…ur post is absolutely remarkable…write about my Kerala too…let world know about our Gods own country too..thanku soo much

    • Shastri Park metro station is the nearest metro station to reach Gandhi Market for shopping. Once you reach there, ask someone what are the best places to buy cloths at whole sale rates. Thanks for your deep comment, sorry for late response!

  7. Hello gaurav, plz suggest me best market for western party wear dresses like party wear floor touching gaowns……

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