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Shopping Places in Jaipur

No matter what things do you want to buy in Jaipur markets, you’ll find there everything because shopping in the Jaipur City is for everyone! Blessed with some of the very famous and oldest markets, Jaipur is the paradise for shoppers who want to purchase traditional and superior quality of handmade products. The handmade jewelry, carpets, quilts, bags, crafts, papers are just some of the very famous items Jaipur market is famous for!

So today I have another exciting post for you about where to shopping in Jaipur and quick tips what to buy in Jaipur. Let’s see it-

Famous Markets for Shopping in Jaipur

1. Johari Bazaar


If you’re visiting Jaipur city very first time and searching a famous market for shopping, go to Johari Bazaar – because it has lot of things for you! But it is also one of the best places for shopping in Jaipur, so you will find there over crowded shops with variety of products. You may also call Johari Market as the address of Jewellery shopping, as it offers you wide range of artificial to real jewellery items for wedding and daily purpose. I am not saying this is the cheapest place in Jaipur for shopping but if you’re good at bargaining, you’ll surely get the items at reasonable price.

Things to Buy in Johari Bazaar, Jaipur

  1. Pearl, Silver & Gold Jewelry
  2. Stones & Gems
  3. Traditional Rajasthani Lehenga Choli & Sarees
  4. Jaipuri Lehenga Choli for Wedding

2. Tripola Bazaar


Very close to Johari Bazaar, Tripolia Bazaar is another colorful market of Jaipur Pink City. The only tough part visiting this market is massive traffic; otherwise this market is absolutely right place for bargain shopping in Jaipur. And if it is possible then visit this market during festivals around Durga Puja, Dhanteras or Diwali, because these days this market becomes very lively and more colorful than other days.

Things to Buy in Tripolia Bazaar, Jaipur

If you’re passing through Tripolia Market, don’t forget to buy these items-

  1. The Famous Rajasthani Lac Bangles
  2. Beautiful Carpets
  3. Colorful Textiles
  4. Furniture
  5. Utensils
  6. Brassware, Copper, Aluminum and Steel Items

3. Bapu Bazaar


Absolutely the ideal market in Jaipur if you’re interested to buy fancy Rajasthani style clothes, home decoration items, and some local stuffs.  The market is big and crowded too, so you may expect here every item with loads of variety. In case if you’re an overseas traveler, you’ll surely meet other co-travelers from around the world. And do not forget to taste Rajasthani local foods if you’re passing through the shopping streets, because it is the real gem of Bapu Bazaar market.

As I told before, there is huge variety of everything and competitions too, so never forget to try your hands at bargaining; you might be getting some surprise deal.

Famous Items to Buy in Bapu Bazaar

  1. Ladies suits
  2. Bags
  3. Print garments and textiles
  4. Home décor stuffs
  5. Gemstones
  6. Silverware and gold jewelry

4. Nehru Bazaar


Situated west of the famous Bapu Bazaar, Nehru bazaar is another popular place for shopping in Jaipur. Located at the center of the city, the market is right destination for shoppers who want traditional handmade Rajasthani embroidered juttis (footwear called ‘Mojri), perfumes, and trinkets. Apart from traditional footwear, you can also shop here readymade garments, beautiful souvenirs, household items, Rajasthani crafted bags, gifts, and the famous Jaipuri blue pottery.

However, shopkeepers typically sell the products over-prized, so few bargaining skill can you get best deal. Do try it!

5. M.I. Road (Mirza Ismail Road)


Have you ever been in Delhi for shopping around Connaught Place streets? If yes, MI Road is CP of Jaipur for shopping and eating out! This commercial market is the most popular and vibrant area in Jaipur city for every type of shopping. From the premium brand showrooms to small boutique shops, Mirza Ismail Road market brings you variety of goods such as garments, jewellery, textiles, handicrafts, antiques, carpets and more-n-more.

There are also lot of famous eating out & restaurants in M.I. Road who serve delicious foods. So if you have been tired after day long shopping, have a break and taste the best dishes of the city.

What to Buy in M.I. Road Shopping Market                                   

  1. Pottery Work
  2. Lehariya Sarees
  3. Branded Clothes
  4. Jewellery
  5. Items made of Marble
  6. Brass Statues

6. Chandpole Bazaar & Kishanpol Bazaar


At the very first sight, Chandpole markets looks like a traditional shopping place as there is no shopping complex yet. People have maintained the ground floor of their residential property as the shops. You can buy colorful fabrics, artificial jewellery, wooden sculptures, and showpieces of marble in the streets of bazaar. And if you wanna purchase the best handicraft at the very reasonable price, this market is just for you.

I’m not sure should I need to discuss this point here or not, but still I’m adding if someone from you is planning to visit Chandpole bazaar with family. I suggest you enjoy shopping only in day or before evening at this place, because Chandpole bazaar is also well known as the famous red light area in Jaipur after early evening. Rest, you know what I mean!

Let’s discuss about Kishanpol Bazaar-

The shopping place is mainly famous for wooden items and textiles. So if you planning to decorate your home or office with beautiful wooden furniture and souvenirs; Kishanpol market is worth to visit!

7. Gaurav Tower


While writing the blog I didn’t want to add any Jaipur shopping mall in the post, but the huge popularity of Gaurav Tower among the youngsters and families encored me to add this shopping destination into the post. So here it is!!

Gaurav Tower is not only the oldest shopping mall in Jaipur city but also it is the most happening, popular, crowed, and the best place for shopping in Jaipur. The busiest and massive ambience is fully packed with all top-notch brand showrooms, eating outs, basement shopping (as Palika Bazaar in Delhi), and some roadside fast food stalls. So you can enjoy here everything at Gaurav Tower; whether you wanna shopping, hangout, games, fun etc. The shopping hub is for all age groups!

That’s it!

So these are some of the best markets for shopping in Jaipur city which can’t be missed if you’re in Pink city. In case if I’ve missed any popular market in the post, please do let me know in the comment box. I’ll be glad to hear you 🙂

Until then, keep travelling and keep visiting Formertourist.com…!

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