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Best Places to Eat in Goa

Are you searching any best restaurant or a famous eating out for taste some delicious mouth watering foods in Goa? If yes, you are absolutely at the right place. We all know that Goa is world famous as a prime holiday destination in India because of its nightlife attraction, Charismas & New-Year celebration, sandy beaches, historical places, grand crowd, thrilling environment, romantic climate, and amazing handicraft items. But Goa is not only limited to these! Apart from all these – Eating out is also one of the must to have experience in Goa. There’re some antique local drinks and unique foods which you cannot miss if you’re walking through any Goa local food street or a well famed restaurant.

So today I’m sharing Goa food blog post where I will reveal the best places for must eat in Goa. Let’s check it-

Eating out in Goa : Food Joints & Restaurants

Nick’s Place


Featured as the top rated restaurant in Goa on Tripadvisor from the last two consecutive years, Nick’s Place is absolutely the prime destination for foodies in Goa. This eatery offers traditional and some amazingly food items which you cannot expect at any other eating outs of Goa. The superior staff of the restaurant promises to deliver the best cuisines from the early morning breakfast to midday lunch till stunning dinner.

However, the authentic Goa/Indian food items are the specialty of this eating place but they also serve some delicious continental dishes to make your dining complete withthe unique international flavors. That’s why you can see there majority of foreigners who love to enjoy lovely cocktails, finger licking foods, and especially the exceptionally cleanliness. So if you wanna enjoy a perfect dining out with your family in Arpora Goa, Nick’s Place is definitely for you! Below are few must to eat cuisines at this restaurant-

Continental Foods American Chicken, Cottage Pie, Surf N Turf, Kingfish Fillet, Beef Steaks
Indian/Goan Jalfrezi & Rogan Josh, Fish Curry, Kasturi Kebabs, Prawns
Snacks/Starters Masala Papad, Golden Fried Prawns, Garlic Mushrooms, Onion Bhaji
Breakfast American, English, and Indian.

Ourem 88


Not a very big restaurant, but definitely the best restaurant to eat western cuisines in India. Located in Palolem Canacona Goa, Ourem 88 is also a top rated eating out in Tripadvisor restaurants list. It is the most recommended eating out for travelers and holiday makers who wanna enjoy delicious English foods in Goa. Ourem 88 offers a big menu of overseas dishes including French and Italian which make you feel the taste of dining back in the home.

This finest restaurant serves everything on your plate including beef, pork, red meat, green veggie dishes, and an amazing range of starters with quality drink. The only downside of this must ‘go-to’ place is that you will have to book table in advance as there is very limited tables so you may have to wait for your likelihood. But yes, it’s totally worth to wait. And one more thing which makes visitors experience more quite exclusive; of-course I am talking about its hospitality. Ourem 88 offers a warm dining experience set in a charming and intimate courtyard of a traditional Goa local house.

So if you having fun activities near Palolem beach, don’t forget to eat at Ourem 88, but make sure you have booked table in advance as it is hard to get a table reservation cause of its highly popularity.

Jamies Restaurant


Without a doubt, it is the most fabulous restaurant to eat in Baga. Rated as the number one restaurant in Baga on Tripadvisor, this charming venue offers the finest western cuisine dining with the top notch customer service. It really doesn’t matter where you reserve your table for dining, Inner longue or Outdoor lawn; both areas are the exceptionally beautiful and decorate with the dark theme which tells entire story itself why it is the most visited restaurant of North Goa’s tourist belt.

Now comes to its delicious cuisines and menu. Main course/menu is not so large, but it is equipped with some of the must eat Continental and Indian recipes like Barbequed Spare Ribs, Bistro Steak and Eggs, Mutton Chukka Fry, Beef Burgundy, Grilled Jumbo Shrimp, herb crusted mushrooms, Espresso Creme Brulee, and a large collection of colorful cocktails. And the thing which makes this restaurant popularity superior it’s less cost.  So if you’re searching a romantic ambience for a quieter and classier night with your girlfriend/family/wife, Jamies is the best place for a romantic dinning in Goa.



This is the popular name among Goa travelers and locals, Britto’s promises to serve the best Seafood in Goa as it is the oldest and the most famous candle light restaurant to eat Seafood in Goa. Your excitement will be an all-time high if I tell you this amazing restaurant is situated on the wonderful Baga beach of Calangute Goa, where you can experience Goa hot nightclubs, historical sites, and shopping in the famous Goa Saturday Night Flea market. Anyway! We were discussing about the foods and specialty of the Britto’s restaurant.

It is suggested; try to book your table near the beach from where you can enjoy the great ocean view in the atmosphere of live-music, and enjoy some all time great dishes from Britto’s menu. In cocktails: try some Indian and international wines & beer, and in food – order some terrific dishes like Prawn Curry, Chicken Roast, Pepper Prawns, Baked Crab, and specially their seafood plate which consists of mussels, Calamari, King fish, and some real  seafood  flavors of Goa foodstuff at Brittos.

It is also the perfect destination for romantic candle light dinner in Goa. So if you’re a married couple who is seeking a great ambiance with dim lights, amazing foods, and candle light tables, and amazingly soft music surroundings; just come to Britto’s for a romantic dining trip. 🙂

It is truly a highly recommended eating out of Goa.

Ritz Classic


The Ritz Indeed…An absolute classic, just like its name!

If you’re about to die for seafood or fish recipes 🙂 🙂 , then you should definitely try this highly recommended family restaurant in Panjim Goa. However it remains crowded all the time as it offers the best fish thali in Goa, but still it is worth waiting for. It’ll serve you the best platter of Goan fish curry, fry fish masala, and some unbeatable delicious seafood taste which you will not forget ever!

Located in the heart of Goa Panjim, Ritz Classic is a must stop food joint to eat multi-cuisines (Goan food, Indian, Tandoori, and Chinese) which is actually value for your money. If you’re planning an eating out with your family or friends at this restaurant, order some special & must eat recipes of Ritz Classic. Try Xitt-Kodi (rice-prawn curry), baby Chonak Tandoori, shellfish (teesroi) with coconut, and a mug of Sol Kodi – the exotic Indian drink. And don’t forget to eat another hot favorite seafood items ‘Crab dry fry’ and ‘Squid masala fry’, these recipes are definitely recommended.

However service is not so excellence as expected, so don’t be despair if you find a long line of eaters waiting to be served.

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Little World


Not just breakfast, but the perfect destination for yummy breakfast in Goa. Little World Cafe is the very popular breakfast point in Palolem, as it offers the superb quality of breakfast with the wide range of items and the hot cup of classic Indian tea all-day. The menu they offer on your table is not too long, but it is fully packed with all delicious stuff what you will really like to have on breakfast. Everything is more than superb whatever you order… tea, coffee, juices, toast, omelets, fruit salads, muesli, the cheese pancake, or whatever…! Everything is out of world that will make you feel why Little World restaurant is the Little Gem of Palolem.

Go with the Flow


Amazing and the most romantic restaurant in Goa, Go with the Flow offers a unique dining experience with the fabulous sight over the beautiful Baga beach. The best food with great continental stuffs, the first class cocktails, beautiful sitting, unbelievable garden surrounding, and the unforgettable dining experience with a sky-dining platform makes it the perfect place for evening eating out near Baga.

If you have visited any European restaurant then you can easily notice this restaurant’s theme and its main course is European, but the price is Indian; of course it isn’t as expensive as continental restaurants!  I will not say about what food you should try here because all the recipes at its perfection level and their menu are also too long, so try it yourself. But one thing I can assure here, you will not be disappointed.

Mum’s Kitchen


You cannot taste the real traditional flavors of Goa local foods until you visit Mum’s Kitchen restaurant in Panjim. However, the cottage has been converted into a modern-day restaurant but the quality of food and its unique heritage look will make you feel the taste of an old country.

Usually, locals as well as travelers love to eat some top authentic recipes from the their menu e.g. Prawn Curry, Chicken Vindaloo, Nalachi Kodi, Mussels in Shells recipe, and varieties of egg curries, but the Fried Prawns and the Rawa Fried Kingfish is exceptionally exceptional. Do not forget to try that!

Ohh dear…wait a minute! I forget to add an important note. It is not an average restaurant for your pocket point of view 🙂 🙂 you will have to pay 1000/- INR per head excluding drink, as it is a very premium restaurant in Panjim Goa so charges are higher compare to other food joints. But of course, your money will be totally worth. Pricy but tasty!

So in case if you had missed its small outside sign board during passing the street, ask you driver (or yourself) to back and park the car in the lane and take a lunch or dinner break of Goan homemade food with roasted coconut and hot spices. And if you have already visited Mum’s Kitchen, it is certainly worth visiting again!

That’s it. Put all these best restaurants and eating outs of Goa in your must-eat list, and you will not be disappointed whenever you are travelling through some of the most beautiful tourist places of Goa in search of some must eat mouth watering foods.

So if you have any query about Goa restaurants, street foods, local cuisines, or any feedback or reviews about these, just post your experience below. I shall be glad to hear from you.

Until then, keep visiting Formertourist.com 🙂

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  1. what a bizarre list, dude, have you ever been to north Goa? You’re missing all the best restaurants here, La Plage, Thalassa (just), Gunpowder, Villa Blanche etc etc…. your list is like a list of cheap restaurants for people that don’t know much about food.

    • Jay. This post is not just about the north Goa food joints, but it includes the list of top food joints from the entire Goa. If someone ask me to create the list of 5 or 10 best restaurants or food joints of Goa, of-course I’ll easily miss (intentionally or by mistake) lot of exceptional and must to go food joints because it is not a day task to pick as well as review each food joint and again write it down in brief.

      I am accepting I missed Thalassa (that I can add in the post, but later!) in the list, but I’m not ready to accept any other food joints as you suggested.

      As it is not a paid blog or sponsored post, so I accept and publish each and every type of comments which I receive; whether it is negative or positive!

      BTW, thanks for your feedback.

    • That’s a very Nice looking fish thali at ritz classic, why you are talking through your hat. cheap or not.

  2. Some travel agents are providing food and they charge it for in the package so most of them don’t have choice to go other restaurant

  3. Lovely Post
    Highly Informative

  4. Go with the flow is really awesome!!

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