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Nightlife in Lucknow

I’m sure you wouldn’t find any reliable information about how’s the Lucknow nightlife is and how can a tourist enjoy till late night in Lucknow, and what are the possibilities to find out nightclubs & party places in Lucknow. So with this nightlife blog, I’ll discuss about where you can find nightlife entertainment in Lucknow and where are the best nightclubs in Lucknow city. Keep reading forward…


It is no wonder Lucknow is some of the best historical places in India, apart from this, city of Nawabs is also known for its culture, tradition, respect and lifestyle. But there is no deny Lucknow is far behind than metro cities to offers some thrilling nightlife experience for visitors as well as Lucknowites. The reason behind this majority of younger crowed is not familiar with nightlife experience of metro cities(as Lucknow is still not a metro city, could be after few years!!) and majority of young generation are either students, owning a small business, or moving to metro cities for better future opportunities.

This is what I analyzed as Lucknowites after a long discussion with my hometown friends. Rather than going to pubs, bars and clubs, Peoples of Lucknow love to eat out, fun in malls, and get together with family & friends.

But it doesn’t means there is no nightclubs, lounge & disc for entertainment in twilight. Lucknow holds some premium nightclubs and pubs which mainly located in posh areas & malls, but these options are expensive too; even compare to metro cities too. Lucknow also blended with number of parks and gardens where you can visit from early in evening till 9 PM. You can see there a good crowd as well as some good sunset entertainment. Find here what are “must go” tourist places in Lucknow.

So if you’re searching some nightlife activities in Lucknow, I’ll only recommend these nightclubs and bars for dance, drink and enjoy till late night in Awadh!

Lucknow Nightclubs Disc Bars : Contact Number & Address

Zero Degree – Lounge & Disc

Address: Riverside Mall, 3rd Floor, Vipin Khand, Gomti Nagar Extension, Lucknow

Contact No: (0522) 4079101

Blue – The Lounge

Address: 1 A, Sarvan Plaza Complex, Sapru Marg, Hazratganj, Lucknow

Contact No: (0522) 4107185


Address: 4, Rana Pratap Marg, Hazratganj

Contact No: (0522) 4098777

Theka – The Piccadily

Address: The Piccadily, Ground Floor, Bara Birva, Alambagh, Lucknow

Contact No: (0522) 4096000/4036000

So, here it is done. However, list of nightout places are small, but effective. So if you find this Lucknow nightout guide helpful, please share with others! 🙂

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  1. Timing & Charges, single person is allowed ? Any age bracket ?

  2. Hi, actually I want a organize a surprise birthday party in night. So there is any place in lko?

  3. u wrote a lot but provided very little info , missed lots of places, did not mention price, crowd quality and cover charges …. etc

  4. can i join ur club as a dj..i am djing since for a long time.is there any opportunity.

  5. Hi, my name is Himanshu, male .

    Just came from USA and visiting Lucknow for few days. any female companion, if wanted to join for club. contact me.

    all expenses will be taken care.. Thanks in advance

  6. Hi, I want to go night club but I m single, can go there? I get someone help me. Charges not a worry I will paying

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