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Top Reasons Why Tourism in India is So Popular

There is no doubt India is one the top recommended tourist destination in the world. Varieties of culture, different kind of religions, lifestyle of peoples and the hobbies of respect others makes India one of  the best places to visit in entire Asia. Every year  huge numbers of foreign travelers visit to India for holidays, honeymoon, break and business trip, and go back with unforgettable memories of India tourism.

So if you haven’t visit India yet, I will suggest you to plan your next trip to India. I am going to share here some top reasons why you should must visit to India, and what amazing unique things and activities which makes India tourism so popular. Just check out-

Why Travel To India

Vising from the mountain valley of North India to the natural beaches of the South India, and wild safari tours of North East to the  heritage caves & temple of West India, are always incredible. India offers something for every tourist of any age whatever you are looking to see and do, you will get all the things as you expected. However, India has been divided in more than twenty-eight states and eight union territories, but the uniqueness of the every tourist place is more appealing than each other.


It is true that the weather of India also play an important role to makes India tourism so important. In summer, you can enjoy the sun bath near natural clean beaches of South India. And in winter, you can feel and enjoy the snowfalls and snow diving on the top mountain points of North India. But it is not blended with only beaches and mountains, India offers something more compared to any other travel destination in the world.

India presents the power of religions with their thousand years of old culture, religions, temples, monuments, historical places, traditional markets, and unstoppable high energetic nightlife which promises to every traveler to come back India for tourism again and again. But it is not stopped yet, if you missed traditional(street) foods of India, you had missed an important part of tourism.

You can enjoy more than thousand of varieties of delicious street foods with different condiment taste of each others. If you visit different places for food, you will find there different local foods with unforgettable spicy taste e.g. you can get hot spicy foods in North like chole-bathure, mutton-keema, kabab-biriyani and others, whereas in South, you can taste the low spicy foods like Idle-samber, sea foods, and Dosa.


And in North East, you can taste the varieties of fresh fish recipes with rice, whereas in West India, you can pack some sweets and desserts recipes to remains Indian travel memories.

And don’t forget to buy something from the traditional Indian garments markets after your trip. You can get there handmade designed cloths with awesome quality of fabric that will remind you India always as a promising travel destination.

So, that’s the top reasons which I shared with you that make India one of the most most popular place for tourism.

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