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Top 10 Haunted Places in India

We all are scared and attracted by the mystery of the haunted places in India, but still we always wish to visit these horror places at least once in life. You would have heard lot of stories why you should avoid haunted places but still we always try to find out why do we need to avoid them.

So today I’m shedding some light on the most famous horror places of India. Let’s discover the creepy stories, myths, fictions, and the truth hiding behind these mysterious places.

Horror Places in India –  Haunted Stories Behind These Spots

1. Bhangarh Fort – Alwar, Rajasthan


One of the top haunted places in India is the Bhangarh Fort located in Alwar district of Rajasthan, but the area is well popular for all the wrong reasons. The ‘Den of the Ghosts’ is situated around 300 km away from Delhi and takes about 6 hours to reach there from the Capital. The anxiety begins when one decides to visit the Fort and ends over nothing. Once you visit the place, you will dig deeper and deeper into the puddle of questions.


The fort is not usual, as other forts seem to be; instead you will encounter a number of broken walls, ruins of old stronghold buildings and a small flock of tourists. Locals use to tell stories of ghosts and the paranormal activities that takes place inside the fort premises. Nobody is allowed to stay inside the fort after sunset and before sunrise.

It is believed by locals that if anybody tries to stay and watch the spooky activities, never found thereafter, so the stay at fort is strictly prohibited. There is no electricity inside the premises and even the surrounded area. And this makes it even more horrible; especially at twilight and nights.

2. GP Block, Meerut


The city of Meerut was once the home to Maysur, the king of Rakshas. Thus it is the in-laws town to Rawana, as his wife, Mandodari was the daughter of Maysur. The king was known for his architectural expertise. He was blessed that he can melt even large volume stones and rocks to get a desired shape and buildings can be constructed as per the architectural preference.

Nobody has lived there since 1930s, except the long branches that has grown all over the building. Paranormal activities are noticed on regular basis in the premises. People sometimes notice a lady in red dress roaming inside the area. Sometimes people witness a man standing on the roof of the building. Stories about four boys sitting on the rooftop are popular among the locals as many have noticed them often.

It is prohibited to enter the area in odd hours and is anybody noticed to do so, local police interferes and takes necessary action. A group of six people use to live in the ground floor of the building. Something unnatural has been noticed inside the block by many people and this frame questions about the ghosts stories; if these stories are facts or fictions.

3. Delhi Cantt Area


The ghost lady of the Delhi Cantonment is seen by many; believe me, even my roommate also experienced that last year. That was scary! 😯 😡 😐 So, with this kind of individual experiences, it becomes terrifying to pass by this area, especially the popular road where this lady usually asks for lift. In the mid hours of dark nights, spirit of a lady wearing white sari with unclear face waiting to lift her is witnessed. The spirit runs with the car at the same speed. The ghostly vision vanished and suddenly appears on the left and right side of the car.

People who come across the ghostly spirit become nervous and terrified. They are even left with the horrifying after effects of the incident. According to a witness, the spirit sometimes appears too close to the driving side and knocks the door with full force. It does everything it can to stop the car and get inside.

People who have experienced her do not dare to visit the road again, especially in the dark. People are warned not to stop the vehicle if anything unnatural is being noticed. This incident has made the Delhi Cantonment area one of the scariest spots in Delhi. An eerie silence can be noticed in the premises and the ghostly presence can be felt during night time.

4. Three Kings Church, Goa


The mystery associated to the Three King Church, situated in Goa is that once upon a time, the province was known to be ruled by three Portuguese kings. They constantly fight for acquiring a full control over the place. One of them played a trick and invited the other two kings in a royal ceremony for lunch. In the ceremony, the king gave them poison and the two died.

When the residents of the area came to know about the tragic incident, they went to the king’s palace in demand of clarification. Seeing the angry crowd, he took a suicidal act and consumed poison. With this, the war for acquiring full rule over the province came to an end and all three kings were buried in a church.

Since then, the spirits of all the three kings use to reside in the church premises. The locals often witness strange spiritual and paranormal activities taken place inside and surrounded premises. Even the ‘GRIP team- Indian Paranormal Society’ has noticed unnatural and spiritual acts happening in the premises. The church is one of the most haunted places in Goa.

5. Tunnel 33, Shimla-Kalka Railway Line


Tunnel 33 of Shimla- Kalka Railway line is also known as Barog Tunnel and considered the longest and straightest tunnel in the world. Barog station is immediately followed by the tunnel. The station and the area are named after Colonel Barog, who was in charge of constructing the tunnel. Colonel decided to bore the tunnel from both opposite ends of the mountain. The two ends were supposed to meet in the middle and this idea was implemented to speed up the construction procedure.

Colonel divided the construction crew into halves and the crew started blasting and digging the tunnel from both the opposite ends as per Barog calculations. Unfortunately, the strategy proved to be unsuccessful as both ends failed to meet. The crew and the British government blamed Colonel Barog for his miscalculations and he was fined for being accused of wasting time and money.

The Colonel felt humiliated and out of frustration he shot himself. After his death, the construction charge for Tunnel 33 was handed over to Chief Engineer H.S. Herlington. Though the new engineer found difficulty in calculating alignment for the railway track, but with the help of Baba Bhalku, he, however completed the construction. Baba Bhalku was known for his natural engineering skills. Since then, Barog’s ghost was known to live around the tunnel and the adjacent areas.

6. Dumas Beach


Dumas beach is situated in Surat district of Gujarat. The beach is known by its scenic beauty and haunted stories. According to nearby residents, many people have lost their lives. Usually, people avoid visiting there in odd hours as they hear invisible people whispering on the shore. Ghostly appearance with a horrible sense is experiences many a times on the beach.

It is generally believed, that the animals, especially dog are capable of sensing the paranormal activities more than the human. Existence of supernatural elements is felt when dogs are heard barking in the surrounding areas. The animals seem frightened and behave unnatural on and around the shore. People who come with their pet dogs on the beach complain that the pets become uncontrollable on the beach.

The reason behind the place being haunted is the cemetery that is located near the beach. Dumas beach is a cremation ground where Hindus perform the last rituals. The orbs theory also confirms the presence of ghostly spirits on the beach and nearby cemetery. Entry to the beach is prohibited after sunset by the concerned authorities. No evidences are ever founded that admits the presence of spirits on the beach, but the orbs theory says they really exist at Dumas beach.

7. Agrasen Ki Baoli, Delhi


Remember Agrasen ki Baoli, Amir Khan’s place of temporary residence in his popular movie PK. The place is also popular for scary reasons and is listed among the most haunted places in India. It is situated near Jantar Mantar, Connaught Place, New Delhi. The haunted place is the home to ghostly spirits and many visitors have experienced their presence.

It is also popular as Ugrasen ki Baoli and Agar Sain ki Baoli and is protected by Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). The monument was built by Aggrawal community that was known as the successor of Maharaja Agrasen. The monument is actually a step well, incorporated with 103 steps. It once used to be filled with black water. The water allures people to jump into it and commit suicide. The passages and the chambers of the building are beautifully carved.

It is strongly believed that the spirits are still entrapped in the building and many a times have proved their presence. The place becomes more eerie and spooky with the presence of hundreds of bats and pigeons that resides within the monument. Though, the monument is integrated with artistic expertise and is one of its types, but the fact that it is now one of the top haunted sites that must be ignored at any cost.

8. South Park Street Cemetery, Kolkata


South Park Street Cemetery is among the non church cemeteries built in the Colonel era. It is also popular as a largest 19th century’ Christian cemetery being built outside America and Europe It was opened in 1767, used until 1830 and is now considered a heritage site. There are 1600 graves, also known as tombs inside the cemetery.

Some of the popular personalities of the British era that was buried here are Sir William Jones, Captain Edward Cooke, George Bogle, Sir Elijah Impey, Sir John Hadley D’Oyly , Elizabeth Barwell, Major General Charles Stuart and many more. The shadows and the glimpse of memories can be felt and the values & beliefs can be felt inside the cemetery premises.

The cemetery is covered with deadly silence and it is hard to find people visiting there. Grave 363 of Mrs S. Pearson who died in 1768 is the oldest in the graveyard. Haunted tales can be heard from local residents. It would not be wrong to call it as ‘The City of Forgotten Souls’. The cemetery remains unchanged for 20 decades. The tombs are now covered with moss.

9. Raj Kiran Hotel Lonavala Haunted Room


Raj Kiran hotel is located in Lonavala, Maharashtra and is listed as a haunted place of India. There is one haunted room on the ground level which is known for the ghostly presence. People who stay in that particular room experience the existence of unnatural powers inside there. Spending a night can be a nightmare as the spirit that exists within leaves not even a single chance to prove its existence.

Guests reports their blankets are pulled off all of the sudden when they are sleeping during night. Some have complained that some blue light reflects on the feet. Some even noticed creepy appearance of something scary and very frightening. These reports have compelled the hotel authorities to shut the room and no one is since accommodated in the haunted room.

Though the hotel is not so popular, but these experiences have made it quite noticeable. But, when it comes to some unnatural happenings, there is nothing that can be considered popular or unpopular; since the hotel is itself significant. There are many other incidents associated to the Raj Kiran Hotel; but, there is no such evidence that proves the precision of statements given by a number of people.

10. Feroz Shah Kotla Fort, Delhi


Feroz Shah Kotla Fort was built in the 14th century by Sultan Feroz Shah Tughlaq is now transformed to Djinn’s resident. The fort has become popular for unnatural things that took place often in the fort. The locals use to offer sweets, milk, fruits and incense sticks to the Djinns every Thursday. Some even write letters to the Djinns and request them to grant their wishes.

One can even experience unsettling feeling as soon as they enter the premises. The place is not much popular and not many visitors and tourists visit there. People are even familiar with the unnatural activities that take place inside the premises, so they avoid visiting the spot even in the daytime.

Entry to any of the monuments is prohibited during odd hours. Talking about Feroz Shah Kotla Fort, no one dares to visit the premises as it looks creepy and spooky in dark. The eerie stories make the place a haunted destination of Delhi and this makes it even more popular.

My Final Thoughts

It is hard to state whether the stories interpreted about these horror places are real or myth. It cannot be said whether the incidents are facts or a fiction (just one..Delhi Cantt!), but, yes, it can be concluded that the haunted narrations can never be ignored. It is true that nothing can reveal the truth behind the presence of unnatural powers, so it is rather practical to avoid going to such place in dark as well as odd days. Also, one should never try to challenge the presence of indistinct elements in the haunted areas and surroundings. That’s it.

Keep your strong faith in God, be happy, and enjoy your everyday!

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And don’t forget to share your scary story in the below comment box, if you have ever experienced any horror experience. Take Care!!

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  1. I am Delhi based guy and yeah its true that Delhi Cantt Area is most haunted place in Delhi. I heard about from so many peoples.

  2. Yeah, tunnel 33 in Kalka-Shimla railway route is remembered as the most haunted place in Shimla. If you wan to know more about the Shimla ghost stories..read the ‘Ghost stories of Shimla hills’ by Minakshi Choudhary. You’ll come to know about the more and most haunted places in Shimla other than Tunnel 33.

  3. It is a very nice compilation of the most haunted places in India. This article would be a great read for people who have an interest in knowing about haunted places. Some of the places are totally new to me like the church in Goa, tunnel 33 and Dumas beach.

  4. How did you miss Kuladhara in Jaisalmer?

  5. Delhi cantt area is most haunted place in delhi

  6. The ghost town of Bhangarh is one of the scariest, spookiest places.

  7. yes i agree with you that Delhi Cantt Area is most haunted place in Delhi. I caught wind of from such a large number of people groups.

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