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Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore – Luxury at its Best!

Marina Bay Sands, which adds to the beauty of Singapore, falls in one of the finest chains of luxury hotels. I would say it’s not just another hotel, but a fantasy world. Other than a luxurious living space in each suite, it is incorporated by two floating Pavilions, a museum, a number of restaurants, skating rink, world’s largest & expensive atrium casino, amazing theaters and much more.

Marina Bay Sands is one of the two large scale resorts build to encourage tourism in the Singapore. The hotel is known to set an example in the arena of best architectural concept and design.

Introduction and USP



The iconic Singapore resort is situated at Bayfront Avenue. Its three towers are connected by the Skypark, situated on the rooftops. The hotel serves as a landmark of Singapore. The resort faces Marina Bay which is known for its skyscrapers. A wonderful view of the Singapore city from the Skypark’s Infinity Pool adds to the excitement and charm.

Accommodation & Amenities-


The hotel is well equipped with the best of everything. The expertise of the interior designers can be seen in the rooms and around the premises. Stays at the resort are expensive, but the pool, mall, theater, gym and spa to name a few make it worth the price. Accommodation options are easily available on portals Cleartrip, making it easier for you to book if you are planning to visit there. The rooms are available as Twin rooms, Deluxe Double, Deluxe room (suitable for 3 people), Orchid Suite, Orchid View Suite and Sands Suite.

Suites – the crown jewels of the hotel!


The rooms are airy and well-designed. They are incorporated with all modern amenities and offer a comfortable environment. Contemporary decor with floor-to-ceiling windows offers a complete view of Singapore’s skyline, something one can confirm by checking out representational photos of the same. The experience becomes even more enjoyable when you choose to book an Orchid Suite or Sands Suite.

As per my opinion, the cost for these Suites is drastically higher; so it would be right if I say that an average person could not enjoy the privilege of king-size living. As far as the cost for normal rooms is concerned, for most of us, Marina Bay Sands is worth experiencing at least once in a lifetime.

Here’s a glance at the awards won by Marina Bay Sands.

Priceless sunset views


Staying on the 50th floor lets you enjoy the laser show that takes place at 8 PM every evening. This show is conducted from Event Plaza. It is showcased for 15 minutes and is free to the public. The blend of laser effects with electric lights electrifies the evenings at the Marina Bay waterfront. This compelled me to find out more about the thrilling and spectacular activities that take place in the city. The stunning view from the height makes it possible to see far away, for miles upon miles. It is simply hard to explain in words; A view that is harder to replicate from anywhere else!

So after reaching late at night and sleeping immediately, I woke up early to view the sunrise from the top and the city life. After having breakfast, I looked up the pool dress code and headed towards the Infinity Pool. I was given a pool card with a wristband that allowed me to stay at the pool for the whole day. And of course, swimming at the top of the world makes you feel proud that you are here.


The sunset looks grand from the Infinity Pool. The pool itself becomes magical after sundown. After a few hours, fresh from shopping and a visit to the spa, I checked out. Indeed, the hotel’s facilities can be utilized all day even on the date of check-out. So, if you are planning to visit Singapore, but a bit confused about the accommodation at Marina Bay Sands, I would prefer that you must stay there at least for a single day. The environment and the myriad amenities make the resort a unique and elegant site known for the best hospitality in the continent.

That’s my experience with the Marina Bay Sands. I would suggest all you to take a break from work life and visit there to enjoy luxury, redefined. Hope you get enough information about the hotel and this would help planning your stay in the best possible manner. And as always, it will be great if you can share this post with Facebook friends :):)

Until then, keep travelling & keep visiting Formertourist.com :)

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  1. Awesome architecture of this hotel. The Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore is world renowned for its world class services, features and amenities. Travelers who are planning a trip to Singapore should not miss the opportunity to stay here.

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