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Top 10 Weekend Getaways from Delhi


This is the best thing if you’re living in Delhi NCR because you can plan a holiday trip with your family and friends to any weekend destination near Delhi. There are lot of tourist places and picnic spots around Delhi where you can visit to enjoy weekend break for lot of sightseeing experience, adventurous games, and fun activities. I’m living ... Read More »

Top 10 Hotels in Jaipur


When we talk about the luxurious 5 star hotels and resorts, we have to agree that there is no city in India which can compete with Jaipur. The speciality about the Jaipur hotels in that they’re are more that just 5 star accommodations. So finding only the top 10 hotels in Jaipur from the list of big options is not a ... Read More »

Shopping Places in India


I believe shopping and travelling are the two most common things what we Indians really love. No matter whether we have to shop in a Mall or in a crowed shopping street, we never get tired of shopping more. Just because of our addiction for the shopping, today I’ve decided to write down a blog about the top 10 places ... Read More »

Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Goa


India is a land of diversities and you will find almost every type of place in this vast country to celebrate your vacation in. Be it the misty hills of Kanchenjunga or the pilgrimages of South India or even the lush beaches of Goa – you name it and you have it. Goa has a number of beaches along the ... Read More »

Top 10 Most Haunted Places in India


People are always fascinated by the mystery of the haunted places in India. I agree India has got a huge treasure of beautiful places, but it is also densely populated with haunted locations. Some of these ghostly spots are explored to behold the secrets behind them. That’s why nobody will ever ask you to show some dare and visit these ... Read More »

Best Apps For Travelling in India


Travelling is always an exciting experience for everyone, and with the evolution of technology (mobile apps), India tourism has become more striking than ever. Of course we all have Google Map android app or an iOS travel map application in our smart phone, but as an Indian traveler you know these apps are just basics and do not fulfill all ... Read More »

Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore – Luxury at its Best!


Marina Bay Sands, which adds to the beauty of Singapore, falls in one of the finest chains of luxury hotels. I would say it’s not just another hotel, but a fantasy world. Other than a luxurious living space in each suite, it is incorporated by two floating Pavilions, a museum, a number of restaurants, skating rink, world’s largest & expensive ... Read More »

Top 10 Luxury Trains in India


Spread over 65,000 km, Indian Railway is the 4th biggest railway network in the world. And, journey via train is undoubtedly the most exciting experience to enjoy and explore India’s famous destinations, towns, and culture. That’s why train is the best way to travel in India. However, apart from regular trains, India Railways also run number of deluxe and luxurious trains ... Read More »

Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations in India


It is the hardest jobs for any new married couples to decide where they should go for enjoy their honey time. In India, where lot of most popular honeymoon spots which compete with each others to attract visitors for its uniqueness and popularity, can confuse anyone to choose a best place for romance. So in this post, I will discuss ... Read More »

Best Places to Eat in Goa


Are you searching any best restaurant or a famous eating out for taste some delicious mouth watering foods in Goa? If yes, you are absolutely at the right place. We all know that Goa is world famous as a prime holiday destination in India because of its nightlife attraction, Charismas & New-Year celebration, sandy beaches, historical places, grand crowd, thrilling ... Read More »

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